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Who are the Influential Trailblazers in UK’s Credit Card Startups?


The United Kingdom is home to some of the most innovative credit card startups and companies, which not only provide essential financial services but also shape the future of this industry. These firms play a crucial role in the evolving FinTech landscape by using technology to offer more efficient, secure, and user-friendly services. The following 15 companies are notable for their unique products, solutions or services in the realm of credit cards and related financial areas.


icount offers alternatives to standard banking facilities in the form of basic current accounts and prepaid cards that also function as credit builders. The company stands out in the sector of Credit, Credit Cards, Financial Services, and Payments by providing innovative solutions for individuals who might be struggling to obtain traditional banking services.

Pulse Cashflow Finance

Pulse Cashflow Finance is an invoice finance and credit management specialist. This firm, co-founded by Toni Dare, offers valuable solutions in the industries of Credit Cards and Financial Services, helping businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow and manage credit-related issues effectively.

PDQ Machines

PDQ Machines provides a card payment system through PDQPay that supports transactions on both debit and credit cards. The company operates in the industries of Credit and Debit Cards, Electronics, and Payments, offering an efficient solution for card-based payments.

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With payment processing and banking solutions, CatalystPay, co-founded by Kevin Hart, continues to shake up the industries of Banking, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Payments, Risk Management, and Transaction Processing.


AptPay provides chip and pin equipment for debit and credit card payment systems. Apart from this, the firm also offers commercial mortgages for business loans, being an all-rounded service provider in the Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Payments industries.


Having a unique blend of services, CCKeys is a leading supplier of car key management systems to the automotive trade. This company stands out in the industries of Automotive, Credit Cards, Management Consulting, Security, and Software.


PaySpeedo excels in the provision of mail-in, mobile order, and e-commerce services. As a financial firm, it operates in the industries of Credit Cards, E-Commerce, Financial Services, and Transaction Processing.

Seymour Direct

Seymour Direct offers a variety of services, including financial, credit card payments, merchant services, and online services. It leverages its expertise in Accounting, Credit Cards, Financial Services, and Payments to serve a wide array of clients.

Just Money

Just Money is a finance company that offers credit cards and transaction services to minefields and maze professionals. Serving the industries of Credit Cards, Finance, and Lending, Just Money underlines its unique standing in the finance market.

Card Data Management

Card Data Management is an outstanding provider of secure card payment services. It mainly operates in the industries of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Payments, ensuring that card payments can be made securely and efficiently.

Cheque Centre

Cheque Centre is a trusted provider of a range of financial solutions, including loans, mortgages, and credit cards. This demonstrates the company’s proficiency in the industries of Credit Cards, Finance, and Financial Services.

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The Credit Thing

The Credit Thing is revolutionizing the financial industry by combining a credit card with features typical of a neobank. Co-founded by Dima Dubilet, Mykhailo Rogalskiy, and Oleg Gorokhovskiy, the firm straddles the industries of Credit Cards, Financial Services, and FinTech.


Capquest British is a leading credit solutions business that collaborates with credit providers. It operates in the industries of Banking, Credit, Credit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending.


Koicoms is a merchant service provider that supplies payment & utility solutions for various businesses. This company carves out its stand in the Credit Cards, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Payments, and Transaction Processing sectors, providing essential support for firms in those industries.

Cardsave Group

Cardsave Group is a reseller of card payment terminals and processes services for credit and debit cards. The firm demonstrates its expertise in the industries of Credit Cards, Online Portals and Payments, thereby aiding in efficient financial transactions.

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