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Who are New York’s Most Influential Accounting Startups in 2023?

Accounting is a crucial aspect in maintaining financial transparency and health, and several startups in New York are utilizing innovative approaches to streamline this process. These companies leverage modern technology to provide a wide array of services, from tax preparation to financial advising and management. Here is a closer look at 15 exciting accounting startups and companies in New York.

These companies represent an array of industries, from accounting and finance to education and consulting. They cater to individuals and corporations alike, making accounting processes smoother, and offering essential business insights. Whether you are an individual or business seeking efficient and modern accounting services, these startups are redefining the industry one initiative at a time.

Let’s discover how these startups are meeting unique accounting needs or why they should be on your radar. Please note that while we’ve done our best to give a comprehensive overview, the information provided does not replace personalized professional advice.


LexisNexis, is known for its content-enabled workflow solutions targeted towards the legal, risk management, governmental, and corporate industries, including accounting. Founded by Maria Carolina Pires dos Santos, their aim is to streamline the process of managing and dealing with information, legal or otherwise.


Founded to bridge the financial services and accounting industry gap, Graypoint primarily offers financial advisory and investment management services. Their aim is to advise clients on the most prudent financial and investment decisions.

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Specialising in superior tax exemption, electronic filing, and other corporate and entrepreneurial services, Servico caters to both individuals and corporations seeking professional services.

Solomon and Solomon

Solomon and Solomon‘s expertise lies in the intersection of the law and accounting fields. Primarily a law firm, it specializes in subrogation insurance, commercial/consumer collection and litigation, and dormant Judgments.

Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte, CPAs

Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte, CPAs is a well-established name in the realms of accounting and advisory services, providing businesses with professional financial advice and accounting services.

Staff Ciampino

Staff Ciampino offers comprehensive accounting solutions ranging from financial planning to tax preparation and business accounting services. They leverage their years of experience in the industry to deliver top-notch services.

I Pass The CPA Exam

Dedicated to helping students pass one of the most challenging professional exams in the world, I Pass The CPA Exam is a unique edtech startup offering CPA exam preparation and resources.

Cruden & Company

Founded by Alexander W. Cruden, Cruden & Company offers a variety of accounting-related services, such as IRS representation, estate and trust planning, employee benefits, audit, and tax management.

FinAcct Consulting

Founded by Stacy Chen, FinAcct Consulting bridges the gap between accounting and financial advisory services, making it an integral part of any organization’s financial decision-making process.

Walquist & Renodin

With their array of accounting services, including payroll, bookkeeping, tax filings, auditing, estate and retirement planning, Walquist & Renodin establishes itself as a one-stop-shop for accounting needs.


Regarded for their expert advice on tax and financial matters, Expertsland holds its territory strongly in the realms of accounting, finance, and business consultancy.

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uTaxes provides tax preparation, reviewing, and compliance services, catering to both startups and established companies, making it an essential part of a businesses’ financial strategy and planning.

Kotas & Kotas

Specialising in bookkeeping, online accounting software, and tax planning & preparation services, Kotas & Kotas brings a modern touch to traditional accounting services.

Chiampou Travis Besaw and Kershner

Founded by Charles W. Chiampou, Eugene G. Kershner, and Kelly G. Besaw, Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner is an accounting company that provides assurance and consulting to businesses and individuals alike.


ComputerSearch is a locally owned payroll processing and time management company that has, over the years, established itself as a respected name in the accounting field, particularly in the employee benefits and HR space.

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