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Which California Startups are Revolutionising the Virtual Currency Landscape?

Welcome to the burgeoning world of Virtual Currency startups right here in beautiful California, United States. These innovative companies are disrupting the conventional financial landscape, creating new ways for individuals and businesses to transact, invest, and operate. Whether it’s digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or unique platforms like reward programs and gaming communities, these California-based ventures are at the vanguard of the fintech revolution. In this article, we showcase 15 particularly fascinating entries in this space and offer a snapshot of what they do and what they offer.

As the digital transformation continues, virtual currency and the underlying technology, blockchain, have taken the center stage. These solutions are not just changing the nature of financial transactions but creating new dimensions for various industries. It’s happening everywhere, but perhaps nowhere is this evolution more evident than in the global tech hub of California. With that in mind, we invite you to explore this digital financial frontier with us.

Please note, while this article offers a brief introduction and description of each company, we encourage you to visit their respective websites or digital platforms directly to get a full understanding of their offerings and how they may fit into your financial strategies or technological curiosity.


Dogetipbot is a unique platform that enables users to tip for online services, which in turn can be redeemed for various currencies. It operates within sectors like Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance, FinTech, Internet, Mobile Payments, Payments, Virtual Currency. The startup is led by founders David Dvorak and Josh Mohland.

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Aeros Network

A platform developed by Aeros Network offers an innovative value proposition, providing travelers with a reward currency that can be exchanged for flyer miles and points. The company operates in the B2C, Software, and Virtual Currency sectors and was co-founded by Gonzalo Rios.

NFT Brands

NFT Brands is a service agency focused on developing and launching custom NFT projects. The company’s operations span across Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Media, and Virtual Currency industries.

PMBC Group – Blockchain/ Crypto Division

The PMBC Group Blockchain Crypto Division is securely positioned within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Virtual Currency realm.

Frag’D Industries LLC

Frag’D Industries offers gamers a community platform to track achievements, socialize via chat, and create clans and tournaments. Active in the Social Media, Video Games, and Virtual Currency sectors, Frag’D Industries represents the intersection of gaming and digital currency.


BitIRA is an exciting venture operating in the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Retirement, and Virtual Currency sectors. Their specialization lies in Digital Currency IRAs, offering customers a unique way to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and place them in an IRA.

First Digital IRA (FDIRA)

Also in the retirement space is First Digital IRA (FDIRA). They assist people in placing digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum into an IRA, merging the traditional retirement concept with the emerging digital assets.


CloudCoin provides a fascinating offering: the first cross-reality currency that can be imported or exported from games and spent in the real world. Operating as a Non-Profit, CloudCoin is at the forefront of integrating virtual currency with gaming environments. The company was founded by Sean Worthington.

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Spare Change Payments

Conceived by Lex Bayer, Mark Rose, and Simon Ru, Spare Change Payments deliver a unique micro-payments system for social networks. Aiming to leverage the power of social media users across various platforms to make small, quick transactions, the company has dialed directly into the heart of the FinTech revolution.


Moneytis offers a significant service by comparing the cheapest ways to send money between two countries and enables the user to transfer easily. Co-founded by Christophe Lassuyt and Etienne Tatur, the company operates within Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, and Virtual Currency industries.


Prodege, an innovative marketer, and consumer insight platform delivers business solutions leveraging its global audience. Co-founded by Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson, Prodege operates within various sectors including Advertising, Analytics, Digital Media, Gift Card, Market Research, Mobile, Search Engine, and Virtual Currency.


Also co-founded by Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson, Swagbucks provides a rewards program that gives users free gift cards and cash for various online activities. This popular program operates within sectors like Advertising, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Gift Card, Market Research, Mobile, Search Engine, and Virtual Currency.


Sometrics offers a unique web platform for publishers to market free-to-play online games and monetize virtual currency. Founded by Ian Swanson, Joseph Hsieh, and Matt Gray, the company operates in the Advertising, E-Commerce, Social Media, and Virtual Currency sectors.

Digital Capital Management

Digital Capital Management, a fund management firm offering portfolio management of digital assets and has various fund plans for different investors. Founded by Timothy Enneking, the firm is active in the Blockchain, Financial Services, Hedge Funds, and Virtual Currency industries.

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Seva Exchange Corporation

The Seva Exchange Corporation is aimed at organizing communities, equipping them with the right tools and resources, all while measuring their impact. Founded by Afrika Williams, Anitha Beberg, and Martin Hoyes, the company operates across a spectrum of industries including Artificial Intelligence, Communities, Enterprise Software, Non-Profit, Sharing Economy, Social Impact, Social Network, Sustainability, and Virtual Currency.

Exploring these companies’ websites directly will crystallize their offerings and the incredible innovations they’re bringing to virtual currency and beyond. With the pace of change in fintech and virtual currency accelerating, these California-based ventures are ones to watch.

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