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Company Showcase: 99bros – Redefining Insurance Through UX, AI, and Blockchain

99bros is a Rome-based startup that is revolutionizing the insurance industry through its digital brokerage platform. The platform leverages the latest in technology to provide customers with a seamless insurance experience that is both easy to understand and use.

With 99bros, customers can choose from a wide range of insurance solutions based on their individual risk profile. The platform uses an integrated system made up of artificial intelligence, multimedia content, and specialized consultants to provide customers with the most suitable insurance coverage.

Integrating AI, Content, and UX for a Better Insurance Experience

One of the key features of the 99bros platform is its use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers choose the right insurance coverage. By answering a few quick questions on the website, customers can receive personalized insurance recommendations that match their risk profile. The 99bros machine learning algorithm also continuously improves its suggestions based on customer feedback, ensuring that recommendations are always up-to-date and relevant.99bros also places a strong emphasis on multimedia content and user experience (UX) to simplify the insurance buying process. The platform features thematic guides created by the company’s insurance experts that provide customers with a deeper understanding of different insurance topics. This helps customers make informed decisions when selecting insurance coverage.Additionally, the 99bros platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows customers to purchase insurance in just a few clicks. The platform is also mobile-friendly, making it easy for customers to buy insurance on-the-go.

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Solving the Pension Problem for the Younger Generations

One of the biggest challenges facing the younger generations is securing their financial future, particularly when it comes to retirement. With the rise of precarious employment and an aging population, many young people are concerned about their ability to save for retirement. Traditional insurance networks do not favor pension products, as they are often not very profitable. However, 99bros has leveraged digital channels and the younger generation’s preference for online research and purchasing to offer pension products that are easy to understand and purchase. This has made it easier for younger customers to secure their financial future by subscribing to a pension fund through the 99bros platform.

Offering a Wide Range of Insurance Products for Individuals, Families, and Startups

In addition to pension products, 99bros also offers a wide range of life and non-life insurance products from the best insurance companies. This includes insurance solutions for individuals, families, and startups. For individuals and families, 99bros offers home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. The platform also provides insurance solutions for startups, including liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and cyber insurance.

Experience the Future of Insurance with 99bros

Overall, 99bros is redefining the insurance industry by making insurance simple, accessible, and easy to understand. By leveraging the latest in technology, the platform is able to offer personalized insurance solutions that match the individual risk profile of each customer.


you’re looking for a better insurance experience, be sure to check out 99bros. With a wide range of insurance products and a focus on customer satisfaction, 99bros is leading the charge towards a brighter future for insurance.

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Website: https://99bros.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/99bros

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/99bros

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