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Which UK Virtual Currency Startups are Influencing the Crypto Market?

The United Kingdom has always been known for its progressive and competitive business environment. It’s no surprise then, that several successful Virtual Currency startups and companies have set up shop in the country. In this article, we highlight such entities, delving into their operations, goals, and the innovative services they offer.

Virtual currency, a rapidly growing sector of the financial industry, employs a form of cryptography that ensures secure transactions and controls the creation of new units. The UK is home to a myriad of Virtual Currency companies utilising this revolutionary technology.

Discover 15 intriguing Virtual Currency companies making waves in the UK. We’ve compiled an informative guide detailing the industries they’re involved in, their missions, services, and the ingenious founders steering these companies towards the future of finance.


Founded by entrepreneurs passionate about combining social interaction and rewards, Phlok has developed a unique social platform. As a company involved in Advertising, E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Media, Software, and Virtual Currency, Phlok allows retailers to distribute rewarding incentives to their customers.


Miboodle is an engrossing online platform that helps customers make money on the internet. A company with its fingers in various industries, Miboodle deals in Advertising, Bitcoin, Online Portals, Personal Finance, and Virtual Currency.


From the innovative mind of Tran Hung comes UQUID. This firm has a bold vision of creating a bridge between DeFi and E-commerce. UQUID is unambiguously set on building the world’s first smart shopping experience in Web3 for both NFTs and physical products.

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Crypto Next PLC

Helmed by founders Asaf Azulay and Sharon Greenberg, Crypto Next PLC champions the digital currency scene as a service provider and platform. The company is in the mix of various industries, from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to Financial Exchanges, FinTech, Payments, Retail Technology, and Virtual Currency.


Founded by Prateek Dwivedi, Pratik Gauri, and Vilma Mattila, 5ire envisions a sustainable future through the implementation of blockchain technology. 5ire contributes to fostering the 5th industrial revolution, (5IR), intertwining Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Developer APIs, Information Technology, and Virtual Currency


Luno, the brainchild of Carel van Wyk, Marcus Swanepoel, and Pieter Heyns, is a global cryptocurrency company operating from the heart of the UK. The company takes pride in their cryptocurrency financial services, rightly earning them the title of a significant player in the virtual currency space.


Social networking meets digital currency at Uhive. Founders Jay (Jawad) El-Anis and Muayyad Shehadeh have pioneered a social platform that encourages users to interact, socialise and earn their own digital currency whilst doing so.

Global Processing Services

With its founders Craig Dewar and Tony Kerr, Global Processing Services provide a platform that manages and processes a variety of card-based transactions from credit and debit to prepaid cards. This variety and versatility make them distinctive in the Cryptocurrency, FinTech, and Virtual Currency space.


Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, and Hugo McDonaugh are the forces behind myNFT. This multi-chain NFT marketplace is a leading player in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketplace, and Virtual Currency corners of the market.


Trustology is carving their name in the world of virtual currency. Guided by the innovative direction of Alex Batlin, Trustology is developing a custody platform for the secure keeping of crypto assets.

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MetaVersus World

On a mission to create realistic, engaging and immersive metaverse environments, MetaVersus World has distinguished itself as a service provider in the Blockchain, Trading Platform, and Virtual Currency industry.


Under the leadership of Founder Ben Austin, Fayre has emerged as a fundamental player in the finance, information technology, software, and virtual currency sectors with an NFT marketplace and ecosystem for brands and fans. Fayre is proud to be known as a multi-chain NFT platform with a brand dashboard and companion app.


4NEW is a pioneering company operating waste to energy treatment plants. Founders Sandeep Golechha and Varun Datta have allowed the firm to penetrate the Energy, Industrial, Marketing, Virtual Currency, and Waste Management markets.


Oleg Belousov’s brainchild, n.exchange, is touted as the planet’s easiest solution for cryptocurrency conversion and purchase, catering to both individuals and enterprises. The company represents an essential service Infinitely diverse the Bitcoin, Financial Services, and Virtual Currency sectors.


OctaFX is breaking barriers in the Education, Trading Platform, and Virtual Currency division. By offering online currency trading, forex trading, and forex education services, this company is making it’s mark in the world of virtual currency.


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