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Who are the Pioneering UK Credit Startups Changing Finance in 2023?

Every year, more and more credit startups and companies emerge in the United Kingdom. These entities bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and offerings that address the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. In this piece, we will take a closer look at fifteen of the most interesting credit startups and companies in the UK. These will include firms from various sectors such as customer service, commercial lending, financial services, and more.

The UK’s credit industry remains buoyant despite the current economic uncertainty caused by recent events. Several startups have emerged to revitalize the industry, developing unique products and services to meet changing customer demands. Technology plays a significant role in these changes, with many of the startups and companies using it to create more efficient, customer-centric solutions.

Without further ado, let’s explore these exciting credit startups and companies in detail. Whether you’re interested in financial innovations, seeking credit solutions, or simply browsing, you’re sure to find something of interest in the impressive array of companies presented here.


First on our list is ZZPS. They are known for their stellar customer service and offering a comprehensive range of solutions like DVLA inquiries, notice processing, credit solution, and iPayMyBill services. Boasting a diversified business model, ZZPS is certainly a company to watch.


Next is SoMo, a financial service provider renowned for their brokerage loans and lending services. They also allow borrowing funds against commercial and residential property, providing an alternative solution for both businesses and individuals.

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icount is a fantastic company that offers a basic current account and a prepaid card which doubles as a credit builder – providing innovative alternatives to traditional banking facilities.

Paxen Group

Paxen Group is a management consulting firm with specialized services in consumer credit, lending, mortgages, debt services, motor finance, leasing, and hire.

Smarter Mortgages

Smarter Mortgages is a company known for offering a comprehensive range of mortgage brokerage and insurance services to its clientele, making homeownership more accessible.

Pulse Cashflow Finance

Co-founded by Toni Dare, Pulse Cashflow Finance is an invoice finance and credit management specialist catering to businesses of all sizes.

First Federal Savings

Known for its online banking, loans, investment, and savings services, First Federal Savings is a credit company that provides integral financial services directly to its users.

OMNI Money

Founded by Russell Thomas and Stuart Rex, OMNI Money is an innovative application offering robust solutions in accounting, credit, loans, estate planning, pensions, and wealth management.

First Capitol Collections

First Capitol Collections is one of the top debt collection agencies in the market, helping businesses and individuals manage their financial obligations.

PDQ Machines

PDQ Machines offers an innovative card payment system which performs transactions on a debit or credit card, providing a secure, convenient solution for businesses.


Co-founded by Kevin Hart, CatalystPay is a comprehensive, yet straightforward payment processing and banking solutions provider.

Cardinal Analytics

Recognised as a pioneer in credit event modelling, Cardinal Analytics helps discover the catalyst for event-driven strategies.

Ormeau Credit Union

Ormeau Credit Union is a financial institution offering a diverse range of services from online banking and savings account to loans.

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Negentropy Capital Partners

Negentropy Capital Partners is an investment manager that primarily invests in unique credit opportunities, paving the way for high yield returns.


Last but not least, MortgageFriendly.net offers robust mortgage and insurance services for residential and commercial customers, simplifying the process of securing loans and insurance coverage.

In conclusion, these are just a selection of the dynamic and innovative credit startups in the United Kingdom. Each one is interesting in its respective way and is an unmistakable part of the ever-evolving UK finance landscape.

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