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Who Are Croydon’s Rising Stars in Financial Services Sector in 2023?

In the thriving town of Croydon, UK, a financial boom is underway. An exciting mix of seasoned firms and innovative startups are transforming the country’s Financial Services industry, sparking widespread interest in new investments, techniques, and technologies. In this informative write-up, we explore 15 key Financial Services companies that are shaping the financial landscape of Croydon – providing fresh perspectives on this rapidly evolving sector.

From investment management and accounting to banking and pensions; these companies span a vast array of sectors within the broader Financial Services industry. We offer an insightful glimpse into their missions, services, and the budding potential they hold for the future of finance in the UK. Whether you are a professional in the financial realm, a businessperson keen on the latest trends, or a curious reader, there’s plenty of stimulating knowledge to gather here.

This article aims to not only spotlight these emerging stars in the financial galaxy but also inspire minds to think profoundly about the multifaceted future of finance. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey of discovery.

Niche Advice

The first on our list is Niche Advice. This company is carving a niche for itself in the spheres of advice, commercial, financial services, and insurance. Their tailored services cover the gamut of general insurance and financial advice to cater to diverse needs.

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Elev8 Finance

Elev8 Finance is a thriving credit brokerage firm offering equity release, re-finance, personal contract, hire and lease purchase services. With a strong footing in automotive, consulting, credit, financial services, and lending, they are propelling finance to new heights.

Richard Keys Accountancy

Shaping the future of accounting and financial consultation, Richard Keys Accountancy provides key services including payroll, bookkeeping, VAT, business advice, and tax planning.


Co-founded by Adam McCann, Claimer specialises in simplifying credit claims for money spent on R&D. It boasts expertise in accounting, credit, finance, financial services, fintech, and software.

Alexander Forbes Consultants & Actuaries

Alexander Forbes Consultants & Actuaries offers a multitude of specialized services, spanning actuarial, employee benefits, and financial planning.


Founded by Frederic Nze, Oakam is a dynamic digital micro-lender. It provides substantial loans to individuals and creates petty credit scoring services aligning with customer requirements.


Cathay is a promising investment company, rendering robust financial services to the blossoming sectors of chemicals, logistics, warehousing, and healthcare.


Rick Di Mascio-led Inalytics is an invigorating investment management firm. It assists asset managers in strengthening their performance and making informed investment decisions.

Neptune Software Group

Having a rich legacy in delivering critical core systems to the banking and financial services sector, Neptune Software Group redefines banking services with innovative technological inputs.

Sable International

Sable International provides expertise in accounting, tax, money transfers, immigration, and wealth management services, magnifying the ambit of financial services.


A leader in the realm of benefits and pensions, Creative offers indispensable services in employee benefits, wealth management, and workplace pensions.

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Premier Pensions Management

Premier Pensions Management is a renowned pensions & benefits consultancy, providing expert advice and support on pension, wealth, and benefits matters.


Lucra, a prolific financial advisory firm, offers key services in areas such as mortgages, risk protection, retirement, pension, investments, and savings.

NatWest International

NatWest International is synonymous with reliable banking services across internet and online portals, marking a significant impact on the Digital banking landscape.


GoCaptain provides inimitable driving courses, expanding the horizons of financial services into insurance and payments too.

These companies form the financial fulcrum of Croydon, driving the sector with innovative approaches and services. As we anticipate more financial juggernauts to emerge from this city, we commend these 15 companies for setting the stage and breakthrough standards in the financial services industry.

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