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Who are Croydon’s Top Influential Insurance Startups Dominating 2023 Market?

As we explore the emerging insurance startups and companies from Croydon, United Kingdom, we begin to see an extraordinary synergy of traditional thinking and innovative technology. From specialty insurance for the childcare and beauty industry to companies providing financial advisory services, businesses in Croydon are making waves in the industry. Here, we take a closer look at these businesses and aim to understand their contribution to the insurance market.

These multidimensional startups and companies are making profound strides in their respective niches, using their expertise to render services that are changing the status quo. As we dive into the details of these newly established companies in Croydon, it’s easy to recognise the potential for growth and the immense value they bring to their clients and the market. Today, we present to you 15 insurance companies that have broken new ground and are transforming the insurance industry in Croydon.

Each of them carries out unique services using their understanding of the insurance industry, and their ability to integrate technology in order to deliver seamless and effective service to their customers. Here are the companies we will be discussing:

Niche Advice

Niche Advice is a firm delivering premium financial advisory services and insurance products. This firm thrives in the Advice, Commercial, Financial Services, and Insurance Industry.

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Alexander Forbes Consultants & Actuaries

Offering actuarial, employee benefits, and financial planning services, Alexander Forbes Consultants & Actuaries continues to stand out in Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, and Service Industry.


GoCaptain provides driving courses with insurance cover. It operates in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Payments industry.

Rowland Brothers International

Offering insurance and consultancy, Rowland Brothers International is a stalwart in the Financial Services, Funerals, and Insurance industry.

Road Runner

Providing a wholesale insurance solution for independent professionals, Road Runner is known for its services in Financial Services and Insurance.

Access Insurance

Access Insurance Services, a chartered insurance broker firm, is renowned for its services in Advice, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Absolute Insurance Brokers

As an independent insurance broker, Absolute Insurance Brokers offers services in Finance, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Morton Michel

Morton Michel is a specialist insurance broker. It offers services in the Child Care, Financial Services, and Insurance industry.

FSB Insurance Service

FSB Insurance Service offers commercial, professionals and motor business insurances.


GPM offers solutions in the insurance management system. It is a leader in Insurance, Management Information Systems, and Software industry.

Allianz Partners

An insurance company, Allianz Partners offers products in roadside assistance, automotive warranty, and travel insurance.

Salon Gold

Salon Gold provides customer-friendly, no-fuss insurance across Beauty and Health Insurance industries.

City of London UWA

City of London UWA is a wholesale underwriting agency specialising in high-risk liability and special liability risks.

County Insurance

Offering insurance services for individuals and businesses, County Insurance operates in the Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Financial Services industry.

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PK Partnership

PK Partnership offers insurance, financial advisory, and planning services in Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, and Wealth Management industry.

In conclusion, these 15 insurance companies are leaving their mark in the world of insurance services, displaying their commitment to progress and excellence in their respective sectors. They continue to lay a new path, much to the betterment of the Croydon insurance industry.

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