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Who are Croydon’s Most Influential Finance Startups Shaping the 2023 Landscape?

Finance and technology have converged to create Fintech, a new industry disrupting traditional finance and spawning exciting possibilities. Today, we dive into the unique world of Finance startups in Croydon, United Kingdom, a city making strides in the Fintech space. These companies are transforming how we handle, invest and think about money. Here are 15 innovative Finance startups that have caught our eye. All of these ventures are actively engaging with the public, demonstrating their creativity, resilience, and commitment to enhancing financial services.

Whichers Ifa

Started by Sid Whicher, Whichers Ifa is a company that prides itself on providing personal service with family values. Their clients, drawn mostly from recommendations, appreciate the high-quality services provided by this finance company. Their dedicated approach sets a solid example for how financial companies ought to engage with their clients.


Co-founded by Adam McCann, Claimer is revolutionising how companies claim tax credits for their R&D expenses. Their user-friendly platform simplifies the claim process, making it accessible even to smaller corporations. Claimer operates in industries ranging from Finance to Software and Fintech, broadening its appeal and utility.


Oakam, with Frederic Nze at the helm, is a digital micro-lender providing credit scoring and bespoke loans. Catering to individuals with unique requirements, Oakam exemplifies how technology can streamline and personalise vital financial services like lending.

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Cathay is an investment firm making decisive inroads into sectors like healthcare, warehousing, and chemicals. By providing financial services to these industries, Cathay is contributing to their growth and development, supporting the broader economy in the process.

Absolute Insurance Brokers

A wide reach coupled with a local approach defines Absolute Insurance Brokers. This independent insurance broker serves clients across the UK, operating from their Croydon-based offices. Their personalised services have endeared them to numerous clients.

Bryden Johnson

Bryden Johnson is not just an accountancy firm – they provide a wealth of business support services encompassing audits, digital payroll, financial advice, and tax. This comprehensive approach ensures clients have all their business needs covered under one roof.

Pension Playpen

Pension Playpen offers pension guidance services, vital in an age when retirement planning is more complex than ever. Their expert advice and guidance assist clients in securing a stable and rewarding retirement.

Mortgage Strategy

In the buzzing mortgage industry, Mortgage Strategy stands out by providing mortgage news, analysis, insights, and expert views. As a publishing company, it is a valuable resource for industry professionals and potential homeowners alike.

PMG Financial Services

Providing surety bond and guarantee brokerage services to customers worldwide, PMG Financial Services fills a crucial gap in the financial markets. Their global approach sets them apart in the industry.

Aynesley Walters Cohen

Offering comprehensive services including auditing, bookkeeping, and business advisory services, Aynesley Walters Cohen stands out in the crowded landscape of accounting firms. They cater to both individuals and businesses, underscoring their versatility and commitment to client service.

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Gov Tax Incentive Consultants

Helping companies tap into government financial grants and tax incentives is the speciality of Gov Tax Incentive Consultants. This unique focus underscores how consulting services can contribute to business success, especially in the financial sector.

Silver Sevket & Co

Silver Sevket & Co is an accounting firm that offers a wide range of accounting services. Their trusted and professional services can help businesses keep their finances in check while helping them grow and prosper.

Mark It Off

From accounting and tax to bookkeeping and financial advisory services, Mark It Off covers all financial aspects. Their well-rounded approach ensures that clients get comprehensive financial services under one roof.


SWP is a firm of chartered accountants that specialises in audits, accountancy, tax, and business advisory services. Their high-quality services add value to businesses of all sizes.

Mann Abbott & Co

Mann Abbott & Co is a well-rounded organisation that provides accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, estate, VAT planning, payroll, mortgage advisors, and wealth planning services. Their broad approach ensures that all financial needs are met effectively and efficiently.

These 15 startups represent a cross-section of the vibrant Finance scene in Croydon. From investment firms to insurance brokers, tax consultants to pension advisers, these companies embody the pluralism and dynamism of the finance industry. They are worthy of attention not just for their ingenuity and diligence, but also for their potential to transform financial services in today’s digital world.

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