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Who Are Staffordshire’s Rising Stars in the 2023 UK Accounting Sector?


Staffordshire, nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, is not just known for its rich industrial history and natural beauty. It is also home to several innovative and exciting companies in the accounting industry. Here, we shine a spotlight on some of the most notable accounting startups and firms that offer a wide array of services – from traditional accounting practices to modern fin-tech solutions. These firms strive to go the extra mile in ensuring their clientele’s financial well-being.

These companies showcase the spirit of innovation and professional dedication that characterizes the accounting industry in this region. Serving a diverse range of clients – from individuals to small businesses, they offer not just accounting services but also advice, financial solutions, technology platforms, and more, tailored to the client’s needs.

Follow us, as we take a tour of these accounting stalwarts of Staffordshire, allowing us to appreciate the diversity and creativity in the world of finance and numbers that often goes unnoticed.

JMC Accountants & Tax Advisers Ltd

JMC Accountants & Tax Advisers Ltd is a West Midlands-based accountancy firm that boasts over 35 years of experience. They serve a diverse clientele across the UK, providing accounting, advice, and financial services.

MJ Green Accountancy Services

MJ Green Accountancy Services is known for its proficiency in accounting, taxation, and business advisory services. They are committed to providing personalized solutions that fit client’s needs.

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Poole Waterfield

Poole Waterfield specialises in a broad range of services, including bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, audit, assurance, and other business services.

Bache Brown & Co

Bache Brown & Co provides services encompassing accounting, audits, business plans, bookkeeping, company formation, tax, payroll, to mergers and acquisitions.

Growth 4 Businesses

Growth 4 Businesses serves clients with their accounting and taxation needs, with an additional focus on business development and growth.

Dalton Pardoe

Dalton Pardoe caters to the financial needs of small and medium-sized businesses & individuals in the West Midlands region.

Dains Accountants

Dains Accountants is a distinguished business advisory firm that specialises in financial services, accounting, and corporate finance.

Tomkinson Teal

Tomkinson Teal, a chartered accounting firm, offers a plethora of services including accounting software, audit, taxation, and financial services.

The Boss Partnership

The Boss Partnership, founded by Logan Khan, provides unique insights into accounting with its advisory and business consulting services.

GLG Accounting

GLG Accounting, founded by Ryan Eagle, aims to maximise tax benefits for its clients. They provide comprehensive accounting and financial services.

PJW Accounting

PJW Accounting provides financial planning, accountancy, and tax preparation services, enabling clients to make informed financial decisions.

Richards Associates

Richards Associates provides a wide range of services including business consulting, audit, taxation, and secretarial services.


JustAccounts is a cloud-based accounting platform designed to simplify the complexities of accounting practices.

Livesey Spottiswood

Livesey Spottiswood offers bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, financial planning, and business support services, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive financial support.


Founded by Philip Oakley, OutserveWeb is a Xero App Integrator that provides innovative e-commerce solutions in addition to accounting and consulting services.

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These companies pose as solid evidence of Staffordshire’s thriving accounting industry. They illustrate the importance of professional services in revitalising the local economy while paving new paths to financial efficiency and prosperity.


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