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Which Kirklees Financial Startups are Shaping UK’s Finance Industry in 2023?

Just as London continues to reign as a global capital for finance, smaller cities and regions across the United Kingdom have experienced a great wave of innovation within their local financial sectors. The Kirklees region, in particular, has seen a burgeoning growth of startups bringing a fresh outlook to the world of finance. These firms are shaking up traditional practices, and showcasing their unique approach to the vibrant industry of Financial Services. Here we delve into some of the notable firms rising in prominence within the Kirklees region.

From accounting firms providing comprehensive financial services to technology companies rendering a revolutionary impact in the world of payments and transaction processing, these Kirklees-based companies are adding a fresh spin on traditional financial practices. Backed by adept founders and robust teams, these startups are making their mark and are reshaping the financial landscape not just in Kirklees but across the UK.

Given the nature and dynamism of these companies and in no particular order, we have compiled a mix list of Financial Services companies in Kirklees that have demonstrated substantial growth and potential in challenging conventional norms and offering innovative solutions. Each company comes with a unique flavour and their own strengths.


Founded by a team of professionals, Integra offers a wide range of services including tax, accounting and payroll services. They identify themselves in the industries of Accounting, Consulting, Financial Services, Professional Services.

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G&T Accountancy Services

G&T Accountancy Services, as the name suggests, is an accounting firm which has a firm standing in Accounting, Business Development, Finance, Financial Services industries.

Forrest Burlinson

Specialising in Accounting, Financial Services, Professional Services, Software, Forrest Burlinson provides taxation, auditing, accountancy software, employee payroll and financial services.

Online Payments

Delivering innovation and convenience, Online Payments renders services such as card processing, payment plans, automated receipting, e-commerce transactions, and credit management services. They are the pioneers within the Credit, Credit Cards, Financial Services, Payments, Transaction Processing sectors.

Simply Biz

The team at Simply Biz provides high quality and comprehensive compliance and business support, leading the way for the Financial Services industry.

Sandringham Financial Partners

Founded by David Ruler, Sandringham Financial Partners offers advice on investments, retirement pensions, mortgages and estate planning falling under Advice, Financial Services, Retirement, Wealth Management categories.

Waterfront Insurance Brokers

Waterfront Insurance Brokers offers commercial insurance and financial services and operates within the Commercial Insurance, Financial Services, Insurance industries.

Simpson Wood

Simpson Wood commits to take care of all its client’s financial requirements. They have a strong foothold in Accounting, Finance, Financial Services sectors.

Verbatim Asset Management

Verbatim Asset Management offers risk-managed and multi-asset investment solutions and identifies itself in the Asset Management, Financial Services, Risk Management sectors.

SimplyBiz Group

Providing financial services technology and outsourced regulatory and business support, SimplyBiz Group leads the way in the Finance, Financial Services, Service Industry sectors.

Brown & Jackson

Brown & Jackson, now trading as NSTORE PLC since 2006, continues to make strides in the Financial Services industry.

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NeedingAdvice.co.uk offers wealth, retirement planning, personal protection solutions, investments, and mortgage advisory services under its broad portfolio. They distinguish themselves in the Advice, Financial Services, Professional Services, Retirement industries.


Operating within the Accounting, Financial Services, Payments sectors, JMA emerges as a specialist payroll and direct payment support provider in Yorkshire.

Eastwood Insurance Brokers

Providing a full range of business insurance services, Eastwood Insurance Brokers effectively serves the Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services sectors.

Brantwood Financial Planning

One of the leading Independent Financial Advisers, Brantwood Financial Planning operates within the Consulting, Financial Services, Wealth Management industries.

These companies have demonstrated monumental growth and a unique approach to their business models creating a progressive shift in the financial world. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to shape and foster the financial landscape in Kirklees and beyond.

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