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Who Are Somerset’s Most Influential Insurance Startups Altering Industry Trends?

In recent years, Somerset has seen the emergence of dynamic and innovative insurance companies and startups, each offering unique services and products. From mortgage brokers to accident management specialists and software applications to resource management, the county offers a good mix. These startups and established companies are not only significantly contributing to Somerset’s economy but also serving communities beyond the county and even the UK. Here are some of the most interesting insurance firms that call Somerset their home.

These companies are renowned for their innovative business models and customer focus. Their collective success acts as a beacon to attract further interest and investment into Somerset, fuelling growth and making the region a significant hub for the insurance industry in the UK.

Despite the challenging economic environment, these businesses have demonstrated resilience by adapting to market changes and customers’ evolving needs. They are a testament to Somerset’s ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit.

London & Country

London & Country is the UK’s largest independent fee-free mortgage broker. They operate primarily in the sectors of finance, financial services, life insurance, and shipping brokerage. Their commitment to providing cost-effective and comprehensive services makes them a key player in the Somerset financial landscape.


Specialising in providing holistic accident management support, Redde also offers legal services, fleet management, and policy fulfilment services. With their comprehensive approach to insurance coverage and their dedication to customer service, they have carved out a solid position within the insurance industry.

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ABC Self Assessment

ABC Self Assessment offers a unique software application that serves the accounting, app development, insurance, and software industries. Their innovative solution illustrates the potential of technology in enhancing the delivery of insurance services.

Woodhill Asset Management LLP

As a leading financial services firm, Woodhill Asset Management LLP primarily provides investment and asset management and insurance services. Their personalised and comprehensive approach to financial management sets them apart in the industry.

Loss Management Group

Loss Management Group specializes in the management of insurance claims for damage, loss, or theft of jewellery and watches. Their targeted services exemplify the importance of specialised insurance solutions in a diversified market.

Lansdown Financial Services

Lansdown Financial Services provides advice on mortgage protection, conveyancing, and home insurance. Their expert advice and comprehensive range of financial services make them a valuable asset for Somerset customers.

Smart Advice Financial Solutions

Smart Advice Financial Solutions is a mortgage services provider that also offers insurance and investment guides. Their approachable and professional service makes them a firm favourite in the Somerset community.

Sovereign Health Care

Sovereign Health provides an expansive array of business and personal cash plans for managing health care expenses. Their focus on making healthcare more affordable and accessible sets them apart in the industry.

Property Consortium UK Limited

Specialising in surveying, reinstatement, and motor management, Property Consortium UK is the go-to property insurance claims handling and building repair network in Somerset.

Harrison Financial Services

Founded by Greg Harrison, Harrison Financial Services offers life insurance, income protection, and mortgage advisory services. Their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer service help them stand out.

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Woodbury Insurance Brokers

Providing independent insurance advice to businesses and individuals, Woodbury Insurance Brokers are experts in their field and trusted advisors in Somerset.


One of few companies specialising in elder care facility insurance, ProHealthcareMGA pioneers the essential insurance provision for elderly care services, reflecting Somerset’s inclusive business environment.

Forces Compare

Forces Compare, a military-first price comparison website, specializes in insurance, financial products, and claims. Their targeted services highlight Somerset’s diversity in business endeavours and customer focus.


Offering services from equipment finance and tax loans to insurance and pharmacy finance, Medifinance is known for its comprehensive offerings catering to diverse finance needs.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service provides insurance, financial services, and risk management solutions. Their public safety emphasis combined with financial service provision offers a unique blend, setting them apart in the purchasing landscape.

Each of these companies contributes to the rich tapestry of the insurance industry in Somerset, once again illustrating the enigmatic entrepreneurial spirit of the region. It’s indeed an exciting time for insurance in Somerset, promising growth and innovation in years to come.

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