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Who Are The Leading Angel Investment Startups Shaping UK Finance?

The UK, and more specifically England, has proven to be a hotbed for innovation and creative enterprise, particularly through the myriad of start-ups based in the country that span across various industries. A significant part of the success of many of these start-ups can be attributed to angel investment firms. These entities provide crucial financial support to the disruptive companies of tomorrow, and in turn, make strategic investments in operations that have strong potential for unprecedented growth. In this article, we highlight and delve into the profiles of 15 notable angel investment companies that are currently shaping England’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Angel investment firms are essential players in the early stages of a start-up’s growth journey, taking promising businesses under their wing, and providing them with the necessary resources and support to flourish. Often spearheaded by experienced investors and industry veterans, these firms understand the unique challenges faced by start-ups and offer bespoke solutions to mitigate them. This coupled with their inherent ability for mitigating risk and maximising ROI, make them the preferred choice for many emerging enterprises.

The interfaces of UK’s booming start-up scene and the equally vibrant angel investment space have churned out numerous success stories, setting an example for similar ecosystems worldwide. Compiled below are profiles of some particularly interesting angel-backed companies based in England.

Aleph Commodities

Aleph Commodities is an angel investment firm that transcends the traditional boundaries of the role. Besides providing capital, the company offers logistics and risk management solutions, making it a full-suite resources platform for businesses in the commodities supply chain. Their bouquet of inputs to investee companies includes strategic guidance, streamlined operations and minimisation of exposure to commodity risks.

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Clarion Invest

Co-founded by Jason St Pierre, Clarion Invest prides itself in its comprehensive approach to finance, extending services in angel investment, venture capital, and real estate investment. Leveraging its expansive industry network and resource pool, the company shapes promising businesses into robust enterprises.


SeedLegals, founded by Anthony Drogon, Anthony Rose, and Laurent Laffy, presents a radically accessible way for companies to navigate legal requirements associated with investment and equity distribution. This venture’s platform provides a much-needed solution that simplifies the jargon-heavy legal domain for entrepreneurs.

Apax Partners

Established by Alan Patricof and Ronald Cohen, Apax Partners is a prolific angel investment firm driven by its commitment to longevity and growth. This global partnership’s investments are conspicuously strategic, made with the intent of fostering long-term development in the recipient companies.


Connectd, spearheaded by Roei Samuel and Sam Luckett, seeks to reinvent the way founders, investors and advisors interact and forge connections. This is accomplished through their innovative product ecosystem that fosters meaningful business partnerships.

Angel Academe

Co-founded by Sarah Turner and Simon Hopkins, Angel Academe is an angel investment outfit that champions women-led enterprises. This inclusive philosophy of supporting female founders and co-founders forms the company’s core ethos, aligning angel investment with social impact.

Business Growth Fund

Business Growth Fund, by the leadership of Stephen Welton, invests in small and mid-sized businesses posing potential for exponential growth. The company’s influence in the growth story of many successful ventures earmarked it a significant player in the UK’s finance sector.


Co-founded by Adam S. Lasri and Niklas Zennström, Atomico is a venture that aids growth-oriented technology companies to scale globally. This international investment firm’s unique approach is a testament to their innovation and success in the disruptive tech space.

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With Albert E Sisto and Bruce Leith at the helm, Tern Plc. is an investment company with a pronounced focus on the fast-evolving Internet of Things (IoT) sector. This specialisation empowering them to tap into promising IoT start-ups, and infuse them with the resources needed to thrive.


QVentures is a venture capital firm providing direct investment opportunities and fund management. Co-founded by David Mickler and Lex Deak, the firm offers a bridge between promising ventures and investors keen on backing innovative ideas.


Co-founders Maulik Sailor, Prakash Pilley and Ruchit Jani established Innovify with a vision of helping companies transform their groundbreaking ideas into market-loved products. This digital venture studio wears many hats, offering a range of services that span consultation, app development, and technological solutions.


Growthdeck offers tax-efficient and growth investment opportunities, co-founded by Gary Robins, James Wrighton, and Simon Emary, the company caters to private investors, partners, and introducers – a critical link in the start-up finance domain.


The product of the forward-thinking leadership of Eric Charles Meldrum, TopiVert invests in innovative university technologies resolving healthcare, energy, and environmental concerns. This BIotech firm stands as an example of how angel investment can be a vehicle for encouraging research and development.


RELAXER TECHNOLOGY, led by Pingchuan Ma and Xinran Zhao, is a conduit for innovative Chinese products and brands to enter the UK market. The company’s spanning investment, consultation, and e-commerce channels to augment the accessibility of novel offerings in the UK.

Angel Investment Network

Co-founded by James Badgett and Mike Lebus, the Angel Investment Network is a platform that brings together start-ups seeking funds and angel investors on the lookout for rewarding investment opportunities. This network streamlines the investment process, making angel investment more straightforward and transparent for all parties involved.

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These firms underscore the essential role angel investment plays in cultivating the vibrant ecosystem of innovation that is England’s start-up scene. This line-up of angel investment companies, each with its unique focus and approach demonstrate the versatility and crucial influence of angel investment in unfolding the story of growth and success for many start-ups.

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