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Which Colorado Venture Capital Startups Are Shaping Finance in 2023?

In the beautiful backdrop of Colorado, lies an array of venture capital companies that are driving the evolution in industries such as finance, biotechnology, sports, and food. With Colorado being home to a rapidly expanding tech industry, a growing pool of ambitious entrepreneurs, and an established venture capital ecosystem, some of these companies stand out among the rest. We are going to take a closer look at fifteen of these venture capital startups, discuss their unique approaches and offerings, and highlight why they are worth watching.

Colorado’s venture capital scene is vibrant and diverse. From early-stage investment firms to fintech innovators, and companies focusing on specific industries such as life sciences or technology, there is no shortage of unique approaches and propositions. What becomes evident when looking at these companies, is their commitment to funding and fueling the next generation of innovative startups and their high potential for future success.

As venture capital becomes increasingly accessible to a wider variety of people and companies, these Colorado VC firms are distinguishing themselves from the pack with fresh investment strategies and sectors of interest. Here are fifteen worth noting:

Kortschak Investments L.P.

Kortschak Investments L.P. is an early-stage VC firm that heavily invests in data-driven companies across sectors including SaaS, cloud, new finance, security, and mobile. Founded by Walter Kortschak, they are known for their deep interest in evolving technologies and innovative solutions.

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Gorlin Companies

Gorlin Companies uniquely positions itself by focusing on biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They are committed to investing in groundbreaking companies that have the potential to change the face of health and wellbeing.


SecuraBull offers a key to online financial transactions. They strive to ensure agile, affordable online payment processing, aiming to deliver exceptional results and support growth in its partnering companies.


Fintech company Sweater is shaking things up by building the first fully-managed venture capital fund that accepts everyday investors. Founded by Chad Lewkowski, Dominick Lima, and Jesse Randall, their innovative approach is understandably drawing a lot of attention.

Foundry Group

The Foundry Group is well known for their early-stage technology investments. Founded by Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson, and Ryan McIntyre, their focus on technology has them well-positioned for future digital innovations.

Matchstick Ventures

Matchstick Ventures, founded by Natty Zola and Ryan Broshar, is a venture capital firm that fuels businesses through seed investments and other early-stage funding opportunities.

Frontier Venture Capital

Frontier Venture Capital, co-founded by David Cremin and Scott Lenet, specialises in financing early-stage B2B SaaS companies. They have staked their name on investing in the companies providing crucial software as a service.

Blackhorn Ventures

Blackhorn Ventures stands out among others for investing in companies that improve resource productivity. They drive advancements in engineering, with founders Jack Fuchs, Philip O’Connor, and Trevor Zimmerman at the helm.

Vision Ridge Capital Partners

Focused on technology, energy, and transportation sectors, Vision Ridge Capital Partners is set on fueling industry advancements. With Reuben Munger leading the charge, they continue to make waves in the venture capital world.

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Revelry Brands

Revelry Brands is recognised for offering growth-stage private equity to unique, innovative businesses. Founders Brendan Synnott and Megan Bent bring a unique understanding to their investments.

Black Lab Sports

Black Lab Sports, founded by JP O’Brien, incubates technology and invests in businesses that aim to elevate human potential— whether that be in the mind, body, or energy sectors.


MergeLane, founded by Sue Heilbronner, champions diversity in investment opportunities by funding companies and venture capital funds led by at least one female leader.

Delta-v Capital

Delta-v Capital founded by David Schaller and Rand Lewis, delivers liquidity solutions and growth equity to private technology companies and their shareholders, keeping them ahead of the curve in the fast-paced tech industry.

Boulder Ventures

Boulder Ventures, led by Kyle Lefkoff, invests in early-stage information technology and life science companies, carving a unique niche in both Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Boulder Food Group (‘BFG’)

Boulder Food Group (‘BFG’), guided by Tom Spier, ventures into the food industry. This venture capital fund hails from Boulder and aims to aid food and beverage startups in scaling their operations.

In the highly competitive world of venture capital, these companies represent a unique cross-section of strategies, goals, and sectors of interest. As Colorado’s tech and startup scene continues to expand, each of these companies demonstrates what the future of venture capital could look like. Additionally, they showcase the potential of the entrepreneurs and innovations they lend their support to.

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