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Who are Colorado’s Most Influential Real Estate Investment Startups in 2023?

Colorado has always been a strategic hub for real estate investors thanks to its thriving economy and proactive state government policies to boost growth and development. Over the past two decades, a slew of startups and companies have sprung up within the real estate investment sector, all looking to take advantage of the massive opportunities the state offers. From residential to commercial real estate, mortgage brokerage to property management, the Colorado scene is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem offering a plethora of investment opportunities. In this article, we take a closer look at 15 real estate investment startups and companies that are helping shape Colorado’s property market.

Seven6 Real Estate

Seven6 Real Estate is a residential real estate agency that provides a range of services, from helping clients find properties for purchase and selling homeowners’ properties to providing mortgage broking services for investors. The company, founded by Dominic Massa, operates within the real estate, real estate investment, and residential industries.

A Home’s Best Mortgage

A Home’s Best Mortgage is a company that specializes in providing mortgage solutions to customers in the area, offering real estate financing options that cater to each individual’s needs. They operate in the credit, financial services, real estate and real estate investment industries.

Livable Investments

Livable Investments is an investment management company that dedicates its efforts to real estate, focusing on acquisitions and property renovations. They work within the financial services, real estate investment, and sales industries.

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HayMax is a real estate investment firm that constructs commercial and residential properties, including lodges, hotels, and residences. Their operation spans the construction, real estate, and real estate investment industries.

Terrapin Investments

Terrapin Investments is a real estate investment organization that provides self-storage and hotel investment services. They operate within the financial services, real estate investment, and risk management sectors.

Redefy Corporation

Redefy Corporation, founded by Chris Rediger and Jordan Connett, offers comprehensive real estate sales services in the residential property market, operating within the commercial real estate, real estate, real estate investment, residential, and sales sectors.

Custom Mortgage Solutions

Custom Mortgage Solutions provides individualized financing solutions to their clients based on their unique needs. The company, founded by Diane Skahill and Greg Skahill, operates in the finance, financial services, lending, real estate, and real estate investment sectors.

Black Label

Black Label focuses on the commercial real estate sector, providing urban investment services. Founded by Chris Coble, they operate within the commercial real estate, project management, real estate, and real estate investment sectors.

Western Centers

Western Centers is a real estate investment and management organization. They primarily operate within the realms of business development, property management, and real estate investment.

SFH Bookkeeping

SFH Bookkeeping offers financial and tax services to real estate professionals, including cost certifications, auditing, and other financial services. They work in the accounting, financial services, and real estate investment industries.

Mckinley Real Estate

Mckinley Real Estate provides a broad range of services, including property sales, purchases, rentals, investment, and development. They operate within the property development, real estate, real estate investment, rental, and sales sectors.

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Zavvie, founded by Lane Hornung and Stefan Peterson, provides real estate brokerages with a marketplace platform where they can buy and sell solutions. The company operates within the marketplace, price comparison, real estate, real estate investment, and software industries.

Aloha Capital

Aloha Capital, founded by Christopher Jones and Steve Sapourn, specializes in hard money lending, bridge loans, investment management, fix and flip loans, and property investment services, operating within the credit, financial services, lending, and real estate investment industries.

The Goodacre Group

The Goodacre Group is a property management organization. Their expertise lies in property management, real estate, real estate investment, and residential sectors.


Roo, founded by Sam Peskin, is a marketplace for real estate, focusing on real estate investment. They operate within the marketplace, real estate, and real estate investment industries.

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