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Which Colorado Mobile Payment Startups Are Revolutionizing Financial Transactions in 2023?

For today’s tech-savvy consumer, mobile payments are quickly becoming the preferred method of transaction. This is particularly true in Colorado, which has long been a hub of innovation within the US. Here we take a look at 15 companies from this beautiful Rocky Mountain state that are revolutionizing the mobile payments industry. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, these businesses are on the cutting-edge of technology.

The companies come from diversed fields such as financial services, software development, and even industries like cannabis and construction. Some of them are startups, while others are established corporate giants. Regardless, all of them are innovating and changing the way consumers and businesses process and manage payments.

Let’s dive in and get to know these Colorado-based firms that are making significant strides in mobile payments and related sectors. Notice the diversity of their products and how they are reshaping the mobile payments landscape.

Education Bot

Education Bot is an artificial intelligence company that empowers companies by building custom technologies. The startup, founded by entrepreneur Mason Levy, operates in diverse industries, including education, information technology, IoT and mobile payments.


The next generation of consumer protection for mobile payment and digital identification technologies is being spearheaded by AerPass. The era of robust financial services and mobile payments was ushered in by founders Howard Person, Jeffrey Kern, and Jess Taylor.

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Offering a mobile app that builds trust through divided costs, Divvz is introducing exciting features in the mobile payments space. Its commitment to financial transparency and user trust has been recognized by its founder, Kainoa Presbitero.

Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing provides QuickBooks integration, payment processing, and EMV compliance as their primary services in the fintech industry.

BUILD1x – BuildCoin

Bring the power of blockchain to construction communication, financing, and payments is BUILD1x – BuildCoin. Founder Trac Stephenson spearheads this innovative initiative that combines construction, finance, and mobile payments.


Wampei, led by founders Jaythan Elam, Matt Skoda, and Russell Castagnaro, enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments directly, with or without a bank or third party.


At the intersection of gaming, social media, and mobile payments is UproSports. Although the founders’ names haven’t been publicly disclosed, the company continues to make significant strides in the tech industry.

Dyspense Technologies

Offering SaaS for wholesale distribution and a mobile app for consumer home delivery is the field of expertise for Dyspense Technologies. Timothy Ruybal Jr., the founder, has prioritized sectors like mobile payments, cannabis, SaaS, and software.

Stout Street Capital

Early-stage tech investing is where Stout Street Capital has made its mark. Co-founders Clay Gordon and John Francis work tirelessly to innovate in AI, big data, mobile payments, and more.


Understanding the need for effortless payment processing in e-commerce, GoCart facilitates easy and convenient payment experiences for everyone.


An online payment service provider, eRentPayment caters to renters and property managers, providing a hassle-free transition to digital payments in real estate rentals.

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GreenHouse Payment Solutions

Catering to medical and recreational cannabis businesses, GreenHouse Payment Solutions offers comprehensive online transaction processing services.

GreenStar Payment Solutions

GreenStar Payment Solutions provides non-cash payments and mobile payments for legalized medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.


Streamlining the way you keep track of your bills, SUNDER, under the aegis of its founder Andrey Ilkanych, offers an inclusive mobile app for all billing needs.

Western Union

A renowned global leader, Western Union continues to provide consumers and businesses with fast, reliable, and convenient ways to send and receive money worldwide, including via mobile payments. This company was founded by Ezra Cornell and Hiram Sibley, demonstrating their long-standing commitment to financial services innovation.

These companies reveal the innovative spirit of Colorado businesses. From high-tech startups to established companies branching out into new areas, each one brings unique solutions to the mobile payments scene. Colorado continues to be a fertile ground for technological innovation and development in many sectors, including mobile payments.


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