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Who are California’s Most Influential Venture Capital Startups in 2023?

California has become a hub for Venture Capital (VC) startups and companies. Known for its innovative thinking and ambitious entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise that VC firms are experiencing significant growth and success in the region. From financial services to technology and real estate, these companies are making waves in their respective industries, offering innovative solutions and contributing to the economic growth of the state. This article highlights 15 interesting VC startups and companies currently operating in California.

Skyline Financial was founded by Bill Dallas, with a vision to streamline the loan origination and funding process. This company operates within the banking, finance, financial services, real estate, and venture capital sectors proving its versatility and adaptability in a competitive market.

Skyline Financial

Skyline Financial is a firm that focuses on simplifying the process by which loans are originated and funded. Its range of services caters to a variety of sectors, including banking, finance, financial services, real estate, and venture capital. The firm was founded by Bill Dallas who saw a need to streamline these processes in order to facilitate smoother and more efficient transactions.

Maverick Angels

Maverick Angels is an angel group that focuses on investments in the tech sector. In addition to technology, they have also demonstrated interest in real estate and venture capital. This diverse investment portfolio shows the company’s commitment to supporting innovative ideas and high-potential startups.

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Adelante Capital Management

Adelante Capital Management is a global investment management firm that operates in several industries including asset management, financial services, real estate, real estate investment, and venture capital. With a global reach, the firm is well versed in recognizing and seizing valuable investment opportunities worldwide.

Outlook Ventures

Outlook Ventures was founded by Carl Nichols and Randy Haykin. The company specializes in investing in promising early and growth-stage firms that are transforming the information technology industry. With a firm belief in backing startups ready to reshape industries, Outlook Ventures is a major player in the VC landscape.

Ted Ventures, Inc.

Providing startup and spinout gestation and growth services, Ted Ventures, Inc. offers customers matchless expertise in consulting, information technology, internet, and venture capital. With its unique business model, Ted Ventures is able to help early-stage companies hit the ground running and subsequently achieve rapid growth.

Blossom Wealth Management

Combining wealth planning, family wealth advisory, and investment management services, Blossom Wealth Management offers customers comprehensive solutions to efficiently manage and grow their wealth. They are also involved in venture capital and angel investment.

Alamo Equities

Founded by Jeremy Cline, Alamo Equities operates in a variety of financial sectors including real estate and venture capital. The firm focuses on the acquisition of commercial and multifamily properties while also investing in startup companies.


With a mission to connect people and ideas with capital and resources, Octane fuels technology growth. The firm operates in the financial services, fintech, oil, and gas sectors, in addition to Venture Capital.

Nelson Brothers

Nelson Brothers specializes in investing in student housing and assisted living facilities. With a unique focus, the firm fills a crucial gap in the market, providing valuable services to students and the elderly.

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American Select Funding, Inc.

A residential mortgage loan company, American Select Funding, Inc., operates in the financial services, insurance, real estate, and venture capital sectors.


Helping small businesses exit, acquire and develop businesses is the main focus of private equity firm Ackmandiller. They offer consulting services and work within the financial services and venture capital sectors.


Co-founded by Jay Mahan and Randy Eaton, CompBlue provides workers’ compensation insurance to blue-collar companies. Active within the finance, financial services, and venture capital sectors, CompBlue serves a crucial role in the financial protection of workers.

FCI Lender Services Inc.

FCI Lender Services Inc. is a financial services company that provides private money loan servicing products and services and operates in the financial services, insurance, and venture capital sectors.

Carrington Mortgage Services, Mortgage Servicing Division

Carrington Mortgage Services, Mortgage Servicing Division is a financial services company offering mortgage and online payment services. It also operates within the crowdfunding and venture capital sectors. The firm was founded by Bruce Rose.

Carrington Mortgage Services, Mortgage Lending Division

The Carrington Mortgage Services, Mortgage Lending Division provides a range of financial services, proving its influence in the banking, financial services, insurance, and venture capital sectors.

These California-based VC firms show the diversity and innovative thinking that can be found within the state. By backing startups and guiding established businesses, these firms are shaping the future of California’s economy.

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