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Who are Bournemouth’s Most Influential Insurance Startups Impacting 2023?

Bournemouth, a coastal resort town on the south coast of England, has been emerging as a hotbed of innovation for insurance startups. It’s interesting to see an industry deeply rooted in tradition being disrupted by startups offering fresh perspectives. These fledgling companies are leveraging technology to deliver innovative products, superior customer service and are shaping the future of the insurance industry. Ranging from health care, life insurance to financial services, let us have a closer look at some of these pioneers.

These insurance companies are not only changing the way insurance is viewed, but are also making a significant impact in their respective sectors. From an insurance comparison site to companies that provide health plans for pets and gadget insurance services, each of them presents a unique proposition to the market. In the list below, we delve into the details of each of these companies, to showcase exactly how they are reshaping the insurance landscape of Bournemouth.

So, without further ado, let’s uncover the unique facets of these 15 insurance startups and companies that are making waves in the Bournemouth insurance ecosystem.


Insured-Life is an innovative insurance brokerage firm in the health care, insurance, and life insurance industry.


Founded by Stephen Treloar, LV= is an all-inclusive insurance firm that caters to diverse insurance needs, from home and auto to travel and business insurances.

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myTribe Insurance

myTribe Insurance, founded by Chris Steele, is a helpful health insurance comparison and informational website serving the healthcare, insurance, and medical industry.

RIAS Insurance

RIAS Insurance is a comprehensive provider of car, home, travel, and breakdown insurance services.

Standard Life Healthcare

Standard Life Healthcare is a prominent provider of private medical insurance in the UK, contributing significantly to the healthcare sector.


Deacon is a specialized building insurance service provider, excelling in building maintenance, customer service, and insurance sectors.

Bournemouth Independent Group

Operating in the financial and insurance industry, Bournemouth Independent Group offers a range of home services such as gadget and motor insurance, appliance repairs and warranty products.

Better Health Insurance Advice

As the name suggests, Better Health Insurance Advice provides knowledgeable advice and policies for the healthcare sector.


Co-founded by Tim Hanslip and Tom Wilson, Zest. offers comprehensive appliance insurance, repair, and advisory services.

Insurance Dialogue Ltd.

Insurance Dialogue Ltd. is a retail insurance broker providing personal lines insurance for their clients.

BIG Warranties

BIG Warranties extends home appliance insurance, gadget insurance, and landlord appliance insurance services with a customer-oriented approach.

Easy Direct Debits

Founded by Cliff Lay, Easy Direct Debits is a unique platform enabling veterinary firms to manage and collect pet health plans direct debits.

St Barts Finance

St Barts Finance is a comprehensive provider of financial services within the finance, insurance, and lending industry.


NexMoney excels in consulting, finance, and financial services, offering a variety of monetary solutions and insurance services for its clientele.

Clear Health

Clear Health is a private medical insurance broker that offers spire healthcare, life, and private medical insurance services, making significant contributions in the financial services, insurance, and life insurance industry.

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These Bournemouth-based startups and companies collectively represent an exciting glimpse into the future of the insurance industry. Whether it’s through technological innovation, customer-centric service, or a unique business model, each is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their realm. And in doing so, they’re making insurance attractive and accessible to a broad spectrum of customers.

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