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Who Are Bournemouth’s Most Impactful Financial Services Startups in 2023?

Bournemouth, United Kingdom has become a vibrant hub for innovative finance startups and established companies, demonstrating a diverse range of approaches to financial services and technologies. With a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem coupled with a favourable business environment, Bournemouth continues to attract an eclectic mix of financial services companies. This article brings to light some of the exciting financial services startups and companies making waves from Bournemouth.

From ground-breaking FinTech solutions to personalised insurance services, the city’s financial services scene is rich and varied. Presented in no particular order, here are some of the most interesting financial services startups and companies that have put down roots in Bournemouth.

Note: This list focuses on financial services broadly and includes companies that typically fall into related fields such as FinTech, insurance, or personal finance technology.

Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans is a financial technology company founded by James Benamor in 2005. Its core mission is to revolutionise the way people borrow money. Using a fresh approach to lending, the company bridges the gap for borrowers who may otherwise struggle to access credit.


Co-founded by James Tucker, Twenty7Tec is a dedicated financial services consulting company. Its distinctive Velocity platform provides leading-edge technology solutions, transforming the landscape of the lending industry.


Created by Marc Biles and Tara Flynn, Ratio is a software company with a unique focus on the financial services industry. It provides comparison technology for personal finance websites, aiming to simplify the comparison process for users.

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RIAS Insurance

RIAS Insurance offers various insurance products, including car, home, travel, and breakdown cover. Its comprehensive offerings make it a notable player in Bournemouth’s financial services landscape.

Savvy Investor

Fuelled by the leadership of Andrew Perrins, Savvy Investor is a professional networking and content platform for institutional investors. By centralising crucial information, it allows investors to make informed decisions with ease.

Caspian One

Founded by Marcus Graziano, Caspian One is an industry leader towards FinTech and Broadcast Media technology markets. They specialise in project delivery and complex specialist recruitment.

Richmond Group

The Richmond Group is a key player in the financial sector. It offers lending services for businesses and invests actively in early-stage education and financial technology startups.

Choose Wisely

As part of the financial service industry, Choose Wisely provides a range of loan options, including personal, bad credit, guarantor and short-term loans, catering to diverse customer needs.

Quick Car Finance

Quick Car Finance offers comprehensive financial services for the automotive industry, making it easier for customers to finance their car purchases.


Loan.co.uk empowers people and businesses reach their financial goals with its range of loan products.


PiggyBank offers financial solutions that not only cater to traditional banking needs but also facilitate convenient payments.

BBX Exchange

BBX Exchange is an innovative business finance solution designed to help independent business owners grow their business without resorting to discounting practices.

Strategic Solutions Financial Services

Strategic Solutions Financial Services provides expert financial advice in key areas, including pensions, protection, and investments, catering to individual and business financial requirements.

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T Dot UK

T Dot UK combines digital marketing capabilities with a lending network, creating a unique intersection between advertising and financial services.

Bournemouth Independent Group

Bournemouth Independent Group specialises in providing home services insurance, motor coverage, appliance repairs, and warranty products, driving financial security in consumer goods and home services industries.

These Bournemouth-based financial services companies continue to innovate and disrupt traditional financial paradigms, placing the city prominently on the financial services map in the United Kingdom.

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