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Which Leicestershire Accounting Startups are Influencing the UK’s Finance Industry?

The financial state of Leicestershire businesses big or small is supported by a community of reputable and innovative accounting startups and companies. Known for their professional acumen and services, these firms offer businesses the chance to manage their financial and taxation needs. Their ability to offer tailored and direct financial advice simplifies the overwhelming process of financial management for businesses. The companies highlighted are known for their expertise in their respective fields and offer a wide variety of services ranging from financial services, Professional Services, Advice, Taxation, Insurance, Bookkeeping, and consultancy among other services.

An interesting mix of old and new, these accounting companies offer a diverse range of approaches to accounting and financial services, from traditional methods to new, more technologically advanced systems. From consultation to insurance, preparation of accounts, providing tax returns, and offering asset management services, these firms cover all financial needs under one roof. By doing so, they help businesses thrive and maximize profit returns.

Here are 15 accounting startups & companies in Leicestershire whose dedication to providing quality financial service is setting them apart in the industry:

Darcey and Bate Accountants

Offering professional and accounting services, Darcey and Bate Accountants caters to businesses in industries such as Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services. This firm boasts of skilled professionals who ensure the delivery of premiere accounting services.

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Johnson Murkett & Hurst

Providing a range of services including accounting, auditing, tax planning, payroll, bookkeeping, company formation & secretarial advisory services, Johnson Murkett & Hurst is a one-stop solutions provider. They are well-known in the Accounting, Advice, and Financial Services industry in Leicestershire.


AccountAbility bridges accounting and business advice, offering a range of services to assist companies in achieving their goals. It primarily operates in the Accounting, Advice, and Financial Services industry.

A C Accounting

Through the provision of accounts preparation, tax returns, and VAT returns services, A C Accounting alleviates the pressure of financial management for businesses in the Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services industry.

Croner Taxwise

Adding a unique flair to accounting services in Leicestershire, Croner Taxwise focusses on providing insurance services specifically designed for tax investigations. It caters to clients across the Accounting, Consulting, and Insurance industries.

Base Accounting

Base Accounting, a company in the Accounting, Finance, and Financial services industry, offers top-notch accounting and book-keeping services to its clients.

Accounting for Growth

Helping accountants and professional service firms attract desirable clients, Accounting for Growth is a frontrunner in the Accounting and Finance industry.

Cound & Co

Providing a host of services including accounting, payroll, business start-up advisory, taxation, bookkeeping, forecasts, compliance, and management consulting services, Cound & Co is a well-rounded firm in the Accounting, Compliance, Consulting, and Financial Services industry.

Robert Whowell & Partners

Supporting a diverse clientele, Robert Whowell & Partners offers solid advice and support to businesses across Leicestershire and throughout the UK.

Chesterton House

As a provider of financial planning, accounting, and legal advice services, Chesterton House serves as a complete solution for businesses in need of financial and accounting services.

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John F. Mould & Co

From accounting to financial preparation, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax compliance services, John F. Mould & Co covers a broad wholesale of services catered to individuals and businesses alike.


Coalraven specialises in finance management, VAT, accounts, tax, systems, and training, offering comprehensive financial solutions to its clients. This consulting agency offers its services mainly to companies in the Accounting, Asset Management, and Financial Services industries.

Essex Abel

With its range of services like cloud bookkeeping, payroll, audit, personal finance and tax planning services, Essex Abel guarantees dedicated support to companies in Accounting, Business Development, Financial Services, and Professional Services.

Alba Financial Accountants

Providing an array of financial services, including bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, and business consultation, Alba Financial Accountants is a preferred choice for companies in the Accounting, Consulting, and Financial Services industry.

PWH Accountancy

PWH Accountancy is an auditing firm offering a range of services such as wealth management, accountancy, asset management, taxation & financial reporting services. It thrives to support businesses in the Accounting, Asset Management, and Financial Services industry.

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