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Who Are Richmond’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023?

Richmond upon Thames, a beautiful and vibrant borough in London, is home to an array of fascinating financial service startups and companies contributing to the economic landscape of the United Kingdom. These companies have been offering unique solutions and services in various sectors, from wealth management to fintech. We take a closer look at 15 such enterprises to understand their operations, the industries they serve, and what makes them unique in the broad panorama of financial service businesses in the country.

These financial firms, with their innovative solutions and steadfast commitment, not only support other businesses and individuals in managing their finances, investments, taxes and more, but also contribute to the broader economy, creating jobs and promoting financial literacy and independence. The solutions they offer are as diverse as they are vital, and showcase the sheer diversity and potential of this industry in the UK.

Each company highlighted in this article has a unique value proposition and capabilities that set it apart. We will delve into each one of them to better understand what they do and how they are reshaping the financial landscape of Richmond upon Thames.

Genesis Capital Group

Genesis Capital Group is a specialist IT finance company that centers on leasing software. The group operates in the fields of Enterprise Software, Financial Services, and Software, providing strategic financial solutions in the IT domain.

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A Mortgage Now

A Mortgage Now is an online mortgage advice service provider. Offering consultation in the realms of Financial Services and Professional Services, it delivers high-quality advice to allow informed decision-making in mortgage matters.

SKS Business Services

Experts in Accounting, Business Development, Finance, and Financial Services, SKS Business Services offers a suite of financial services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax, payroll, and outsourced finance services.

PK Group

The PK Group specialises in accounting, tax, payroll, financial planning, wealth management, and business services, providing clients with comprehensive solutions to achieve their financial goals.

Heavenly Group

Heavenly Group Limited is an independent branding agency offering services in Advertising, Financial Services, and Marketing. Founded by Richard Sunderland, the Heavenly group is bringing a fresh approach to branding.

CFPro Ltd

Providing scale-up support to high-growth businesses, CFPro Ltd offers financial and operational support, accelerating growth in multiple sectors that include Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, Stock Exchanges, and Venture Capital.


Founded by Greg Adams, Blokt.com is at the forefront of tech, specializing in cryptocurrency, privacy, bitcoin, and blockchain. A leading resource within these domains, Blokt plays a pivotal role in the Financial Services and Information Technology industry.


Feltons accommodates auditing, business taxation, professional advice, wealth management, tax return and financial services. An industry player in Accounting, Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Professional Services, Feltons provides a wide spectrum of vital services.

Oakfield Capital

Oakfield Capital, founded by Michael Patton and Roy Merritt, is a private equity firm dedicating its investments to small-cap businesses in the UK, within the realms of Financial Services and Venture Capital.

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Offering a range of financial products, trading, investments, and advisory services, Camomille provides clients with all-rounded financial solutions in Financial Services and Trading Platforms.

White Hart Associates

Specialising in Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services, White Hart Associates stands as an accounting firm well-versed in taxation, statutory audit, financial reporting, and payroll services.

Earnt It

Founded by Hasam Silva, Earnt It is committed to building fair and affordable financial products for the Financially Underserved, providing alternatives to high-interest credit products in the Financial Services and FinTech arena.


Initiated by Adam Price and Andrew Jordan, VouchedFor is dedicated to helping people find the best financial advisers, solicitors, and accountants for life’s crucial decisions, operating within the Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Legal industries.

The Investor Group

The Investor Group, founded by Todd Grondona, targets talent and businesses within the staffing industry, offering investment contributions within the B2B, Crowdfunding, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Staffing Agency domains.


Last but not least, Ooki is a mobile app that provides services like loans, finance management, online money transfer, auto insurance, and health monitoring, catering to the Finance, Financial Services, Mobile Apps, Payments, and Wealth Management industries.

In conclusion, these pioneering financial service startups and companies from Richmond upon Thames are undeniably playing a significant role in the financial landscape, maintaining the vibrancy of the industry with their innovative solutions and services.

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