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Which Birmingham Financial Startups Are Pioneering The UK’s Fintech Revolution?

The rapidly evolving landscape of Financial Services in the United Kingdom has seen various innovative startups enter the scene. A lot of this booming activity is taking place in the increasingly dynamic and innovative city of Birmingham. These entrepreneurial ventures have taken on various aspects of the Financial Services sector, challenging traditional frameworks and narratives. Here is a curated list of remarkable Financial Services startups and companies that are making a big splash in Birmingham.

These companies embody a phenomenal range of services from specialised banking, accounting, fintech, investment, consultancy, to venture capital and other financial solutions. The evolution of startups has remained driven by unique inventions in technology, demand for increased flexibility, the drive to achieve financial inclusion, and the necessity for customer-focused solutions. As we delve into each of these companies, we invite you to bear witness to the fascinating blend of entrepreneurship and finance at its best in Birmingham.

Let’s explore these fifteen companies that are redefining and reshaping the future of the financial industry.

Fair Tax Accountants

Founded with the vision to provide affordable services, Fair Tax Accountants offer accountancy, taxation, bookkeeping, and payroll services for local businesses. With a careful understanding of challenges faced by small businesses, Fair Tax’s mission is to make financial dealings of these companies smooth and hassle-free.

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Unity Trust Bank

As an innovative banking solution for trade unions and charities in the UK, Unity Trust Bank is a leading specialist in their field. The bank was founded at the hands of Margaret Willis, who envisioned a financial institution that caters specifically to underrepresented groups.

Fair For You TV

With a passion for promoting financial equality, Fair For You is a British, not-for-profit, online lending company. Established by Angela Clements, it builds its services around fairness and flexibility, providing an alternative to high-cost credit.


AsaanPay offers a mobile wallet solution to uplift everyday spending experiences. With its innovation in Fintech, it simplifies the complexities of day-to-day transactions, adding convenience in every purse and pocket.

Midlands Engine Investment Fund

The Midlands Engine Investment Fund, led by Roger Wood, is a unique fund that focuses on growth capital with a special emphasis on equity investment. This entity is actively restructuring the financial investment landscape in the city.

Forensic Strategic Solutions

As financial investigation firm experts, Forensic Strategic Solutions provides a blend of consulting, accounting, and financial services. It showcases how financial matters can be dealt with in a strategic, smart, and ethical manner.

Al Rayan Bank

Al Rayan Bank stands tall among the banking institutions in Birmingham. With a special emphasis on innovation in banking, it is redefining the banking experience.

Wesleyan Assurance Society

The Wesleyan Assurance Society offers comprehensive financial advice and products tailored for various professional groups. They serve as a trusted consultant in the diverse world of insurance with a commitment to delivering excellence in service.

Succession Wealth

Founded by Paul Morrish, Succession Wealth is carving a unique niche in wealth management. The company provides comprehensive employee benefit solutions and financial management services. This broad service range makes it one of the most reliable financial institutions in Birmingham.

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Oxygen Finance

Oxygen Finance creates unique early payment solutions, sparking an innovative source of income for companies. Bringing a new level of expertise to financial services, it also operates in areas of consulting and information technology.

NPIF – FW Capital Debt Finance

NPIF – FW Capital Debt Finance is part of the powerful Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. It is a major component of the force driving economic growth in the region, playing a pivotal role as a debt finance solution.

Optimus Cards

Founded by Marcel McCann, Optimus Cards provides bespoke, white label debit card solutions for banks. They enable payments for all, simplifying transactions for businesses and consumers.


Co-founded by Francis Ekwealor and Tychay-lauren Edwards, Wagebox operates as an effective personal finance platform. It helps manage money better, with a strong emphasis on financial wellbeing, thereby promoting healthy financial habits.


Midven is a venture capital company that provides investments to rapidly growing SMEs. With an impressive financial backing and strong business connections, it acts as a beacon in growth financing.

Charles Schwab Europe

Charles Schwab Europe is a renowned name in online investment and stock brokerage services. As a creation of Charles Schwab, it shapes the financial services industry with a drive for professionalism.

In conclusion, these remarkable companies reflect the dynamic and thriving Financial Services arena in Birmingham. They exhibit a diverse range of services, catering to a wide array of customer needs, and driving innovation in finance.

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