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Which are Birmingham’s Most Influential Finance Startups Shaping 2023?

The finance sector of Birmingham, United Kingdom continues to flourish, with an impressive array of startups and established companies alike pioneering innovation in the fields of banking, investment, financial services and more. Ranging from companies providing specialist banking services to those offering advanced tech for commercial operations, every organization in its own way is propelling Birmingham to a prominent place in the UK financial sector. In this article, we highlight fifteen such companies that are worth keeping an eye on.

Whether you are an investor looking for the next big thing, a business in need of financial services, or an individual interested in the finance world, these finance companies from Birmingham have something to offer you. They stand as testament to the vibrant finance ecosystem in the area, characterized by a blend of financial acumen, innovative tech solutions, and a strategic focus on various niches within the sector.

Without further ado, let’s explore these fifteen finance startups and companies from Birmingham. We delve into who they are, what they do, and why they’re pushing the envelope in the finance world.

Unity Trust Bank

Unity Trust Bank, co-founded by Margaret Willis, stands out as a specialist provider of banking services for trade unions and charities in the United Kingdom, catering to a unique market in the finance industry. Operating in the banking, charity, communities, finance, and financial services sector, this institution proves the power of niche market focus.

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Next on our list is Advanced. Founded by Vin Murria, Advanced provides a comprehensive range of IT services, including HR, employee management software for commercial, public, and third-sector organizations. This one-stop-shop for key business needs exhibits a blend of tech and traditional finance.

Forensic Strategic Solutions

Leading financial investigation firm, Forensic Strategic Solutions, specializes in accounting and consulting services, illustating how specialized financial services are thriving in the City of Birmingham.

Al Rayan Bank

The banking sector of Birmingham boasts the likes of Al Rayan Bank, putting their stamp on the traditional banking and financial services industries.

Oxygen Finance

Oxygen Finance is bringing a breath of fresh air to early payment solutions, leading the way in consulting, finance, financial services, information technology, and payments.


Founded by Francis Ekwealor and Tychay-lauren Edwards, Wagebox operates as a personal finance platform for easy money management, with a distinct focus on financial wellbeing.


Midven serves as a venture capital company providing investment to SMEs, highlighting the finance industry’s support for entrepreneurial ventures in Birmingham.

Spartan Wealth Management

In the realm of wealth management, Spartan Wealth Management is carving a name for itself, offering comprehensive financial services.


TEBI, founded by Robin Powell, provides content and social media management to financial advisory firms globally, reflecting the intersection of finance and digital communication.

Business Debtline

Business Debtline provides much-needed debt advice for small businesses and self-employed individuals, manifesting the strong support system available in Birmingham for small businesses.

Spartan Invest

Co-founded by Lindsay Davis and Maureen McCann, Spartan Invest provides high-quality investment properties at reasonable market prices, bringing innovation to real estate investment.

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The innovative car dealership FairSquare brought financial support in the automotive sector taking dealership businesses to a new level.

Sydney Mitchell Solicitors

Sydney Mitchell Solicitors offers advice in corporate, banking, finance, real estate and dispute resolution for both businesses and individuals, showcasing the value of expert advice in finance-related matters.

Vulcan Value Partners

Vulcan Value Partners, founded by C.T. Fitzpatrick, is a value investor business analyst firm with a long-term focus on purchasing publicly traded companies.

BRAC Saajan Exchange

Finally, BRAC Saajan Exchange provides essential money exchange services, rounding off our list with a critical player in the global finance landscape.

These fifteen finance companies in Birmingham are trailblazers in their respective niches, contributing vastly to the city’s dynamic and growing finance industry. Whether you’re interested in banking, financial services, wealth management, or investment, Birmingham has proven to be a hub for financial innovation and growth.

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