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HMBradley and Thought Machine Team Up to Redefine the Future of Banking

The future of banking is here, and it’s all about delivering personalized, efficient, and innovative banking experiences. HMBradley, a fintech platform built to reward savers, has teamed up with Thought Machine, a leading provider of banking technology, to revolutionize the way people bank. The partnership enables HMBradley to open new accounts for the first time in over 16 months and eliminate its waitlist. Additionally, HMBradley has partnered with New York Community Bank, a division of Flagstar Bank, to maintain customer deposit accounts. These strategic partnerships provide HMBradley with the ability to scale to meet consumer demand and offer more innovative products faster than ever before.

Transforming the Banking Experience

HMBradley adopted Thought Machine’s highly configurable cloud-native core banking platform Vault Core, which when combined with NYCB’s scale, expertise, and reputation, allows HMBradley to offer all of its current and prospective customers a more personalized and efficient banking experience. With Thought Machine’s cutting-edge technology, HMBradley can quickly create and build the products it has imagined, and with NYCB’s long-standing reputation as a stable and successful financial institution, it can exceed customer expectations at scale.

Thought Machine has enabled HMBradley to transition from overnight batch transaction processing to real-time ledger capabilities. This represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the HMBradley products, as it opens up a world of possibilities for delivering more innovative features, better financial insight, and faster time to market with new product and service offerings. With Thought Machine’s technology, HMBradley can respond to market demands in real-time. The event-driven architecture that underpins the platform enables HMBradley to overhaul the experience for action-driven and personalized products for customers. Thought Machine’s smart contracts capabilities allow HMBradley to seamlessly build and deploy a full range of products tailored to each individual’s needs.

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Benefits of the Partnership

For HMBradley customers, the benefits are clear. With more innovative features, they can take advantage of new services that were previously not available. With better financial insight, customers can make more informed decisions about their money. By running on Vault Core, HMBradley will undoubtedly grow and improve its service in ways customers never imagined. Paul Taylor, CEO of Thought Machine, said, “We are thrilled to partner with HMBradley to create a long-lasting impact on the banking industry.” HMBradley’s partnerships with NYCB and Thought Machine will result in an unparalleled customer experience with more personalized tools and benefits for its customers.

Revolutionizing APYs

HMBradley’s new partnership with Thought Machine has enabled the fintech platform to pioneer a new way to reward savers for sound financial management. HMBradley announced that its customers will have the opportunity to set their annual percentage yield (“APY”) on their accounts each month based on their savings and spending habits. By rewarding savers for sound financial management, the company has been able to grow deposits significantly faster than most fintech and financial institutions.

To ensure that every account holder benefits from an industry-best return, HMBradley simplified the experience in how customers achieve the different APY levels that it offers to customers. Additionally, customers will be able to earn interest on balances up to $250,000, up from $100,000 previously. This allows for exceptional flexibility in savings rate management. The new program devised by HMBradley was made possible through its partnerships with both Thought Machine and NYCB.

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Final Thoughts

HMBradley and Thought Machine are ushering in the future of banking. With Thought Machine’s cutting-edge technology and NYCB’s scale and expertise, HMBradley is delivering an unparalleled customer experience with more personalized tools and benefits for its customers. By offering its customers the ability to set their annual percentage yield based on their savings and spending habits, HMBradley is revolutionizing the way people save and manage their money. With a focus on delivering personalized and innovative banking experiences, HMBradley is leading the charge in redefining the future of banking.

In conclusion, HMBradley’s strategic partnership with Thought Machine and New York Community Bank is a significant step towards transforming the banking experience for customers. By leveraging Thought Machine’s cutting-edge technology and NYCB’s scale and expertise, HMBradley is able to offer a more personalized, efficient, and innovative banking experience. Additionally, HMBradley’s new APY program rewards savers for sound financial management and offers exceptional flexibility in savings rate management. With these partnerships and programs, HMBradley is poised to become a leader in the fintech industry, delivering unparalleled customer experiences and changing the way people save and manage their money.

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