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14 Cryptocurrency Companies in London: A Glimpse into the Future of FinTech

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the world of finance, and London is at the forefront of this transformation. The UK capital is home to a growing number of innovative companies that are disrupting traditional financial services and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. In this article, we showcase 14 exciting cryptocurrency companies in London that are leading the way in this exciting new field.

Wirex: Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Traditional Currencies

Wirex is a digital payment platform that aims to make crypto and traditional currencies equal and accessible to everyone. Founded in 2014 by Dmitry Lazarichev, Georgy Sokolov, and Pavel Matveev, Wirex allows users to buy, store, and spend cryptocurrencies alongside traditional currencies such as GBP, USD, and EUR. Wirex also offers a crypto-enabled debit card, making it easy for users to spend their crypto anywhere that accepts Visa.

Argo Blockchain: Making Cryptocurrency Mining Accessible

Argo Blockchain is a blockchain technology company that offers cryptocurrency mining services to individuals and institutions. Founded in 2017 by Mike Edwards and Peter Wall, Argo’s cloud-based mining platform allows users to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without the need for expensive hardware or technical expertise.

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Arweave: Revolutionizing Data Storage with Blockchain

Arweave is an information technology company that specializes in data storage, blockchain, and serverless web. Founded in 2017 by Sam Williams and William Jones, Arweave’s blockchain-based platform allows users to store data permanently and securely, making it ideal for applications such as archiving, gaming, and social media.

5ire: Building the 5th Industrial Revolution with Blockchain

5ire is a blockchain network that brings sustainability, technology, and innovation together to build the 5th industrial revolution (5IR). Founded in 2020 by Prateek Dwivedi, Pratik Gauri, and Vilma Mattila, 5ire aims to create a decentralized platform that enables businesses and individuals to collaborate, innovate, and create value using blockchain technology.

Elwood Technologies: Building Institutional-Grade Digital Assets Trading Infrastructure

Elwood Technologies is an established global fintech building institutional-grade digital assets trading infrastructure. Founded by Alan Howard, Elwood’s platform provides sophisticated trading tools, risk management, and portfolio management services for professional investors in the digital asset space.

Argent: Providing a Smart Wallet for Crypto and Blockchain Applications

Argent provides a smart wallet for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Founded in 2018 by Gerald Goldstein, Itamar Lesuisse, and Julien Niset, Argent’s mobile app allows users to manage their crypto assets securely and easily, without the need for complex private keys or passwords.

Asset Reality: Managing Seized Crypto Assets

Asset Reality is the world’s first end-to-end solution for investigating, recovering, managing, and selling seized crypto assets. Founded by a team of experienced legal and financial experts, Asset Reality’s platform provides law enforcement agencies, insolvency practitioners, and others with a secure, transparent, and efficient way to manage and liquidate seized crypto assets.

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Ziglu: Making it Easy to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Ziglu provides a digital platform that enables customers to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Founded in 2018 by John Humpish, Mark Hipperson, and Niall McConnell, Ziglu’s app allows users to buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin using their fiat currency accounts.

Nexo: Providing an All-in-One Crypto Platform

Nexo provides an all-in-one crypto platform that enables users to buy assets, earn interest, and borrow. Founded in 2018 by Antoni Trenchev, Georgi Shulev, and Kalin Metodiev, Nexo’s platform offers a wide range of financial services for both retail and institutional customers, including instant crypto loans, high-yield savings accounts, and crypto-backed credit lines.

Fasset: Enabling Accessibility to the Digital Asset Space in Emerging Markets

Fasset is a global digital asset exchange that provides people in emerging markets with accessibility to the digital asset space. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Ahmed, Mohammad Raafi Hossain, and Mohammed Al Sharaf, Fasset aims to democratize access to digital assets by providing users with an easy-to-use platform, education, and tools to manage their investments.

Bitstamp: Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easy

Bitstamp allows companies and individuals from all around the world to buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, and bitcoin cash. Founded in 2011 by Damijan Merlak and Nejc Kodric, Bitstamp is one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a simple and secure way to trade digital assets.

Mercuryo: Providing Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions

Mercuryo is an international fintech company focused on providing cryptocurrency payment solutions. Founded by Alexander Vasiliev, Greg Waisman, and Petr Kozyakov, Mercuryo’s platform enables businesses and individuals to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies, as well as make cross-border payments quickly and securely.

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B2C2: Trading Firm of Choice in the Institutional Crypto Markets

B2C2 is the trading firm of choice in the institutional crypto markets. Founded in 2015 by Flavio Molendini and Max Boonen, B2C2 offers liquidity and trading services for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to institutional clients such as hedge funds, asset managers, and banks.

Transak: Making Web3 Applications Accessible

Transak provides onboarding infrastructure to make web3 applications accessible. Founded by Sami Start and Yeshu Agarwal, Transak’s platform enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using local payment methods, making it easy for developers and businesses to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their applications.


London’s cryptocurrency scene is vibrant and exciting, with a growing number of companies at the forefront of blockchain technology and innovation. From digital payment platforms to cryptocurrency exchanges and data storage solutions, these 15 companies are paving the way for the future of finance. As the world increasingly embraces cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, London’s fintech ecosystem is well-positioned to play a leading role in this transformative field.

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