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Who are Hessen’s Most Influential Wealth Management Startups in 2023?

Today we take a closer look at some of the most interesting Wealth Management companies in Hessen, Germany. These startups are making strides towards changing the finance landscape by offering innovative and tech-focused solutions to assist individuals and businesses manage and grow their wealth. The highlighted companies vary in their approach to wealth management, from traditional offerings like private wealth management and asset planning to fresh takes like automated wealth management platforms and social wealth marketplaces. Let’s get started with our showcase.

Mayflower Capital

Mayflower Capital is a wealth management company that goes beyond the standard services. With offerings like prevention, validation, investments, legal precaution, security packages, and wealth planning, this startup ensures that managing wealth is not just a sharing of how much you have now and where to put it but how to navigate the waters of finance long term.

FINVIA Family Office

Co-founded by Christian Neuhaus, Hanna Cimen, and Marc Sonnleitner, FINVIA Family Office offers a holistic approach to asset management. As a family office, they navigate assets intelligently and independently, providing personalized services to manage wealth.

FELS Group – FollowMyMoney

Jens Labusch co-founded FELS Group, which operates FollowMyMoney.de, a leading marketplace for social wealth management. With over 20,000 investment products and recommendations, it stands as a platform to manage assets and wealth.

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Spearheaded by Lars Reiner, Raphael Vosen, and Ulrich Bauer, Ginmon provides automated wealth management to its customers. It walks the cutting edge of modern finance through the application of Finance technology.

UBS Wealth Management

UBS Wealth Management, under the lead of Deborah Bussiere, offers asset management services to both individual and institutional clients. It stands as a testament to the beneficial aspect of institutional knowledge in wealth management.


Prospery is a digital wealth management company based in Frankfurt, Germany. By leveraging digital platforms, Prospery seeks to make wealth management more straightforward, accessible, and convenient for its customers.

Bethmann Bank

Bethmann Bank provides managed private wealth, investments, and a variety of assets services. As a bank, its foundation in trusted and tested financial systems makes it a preferable choice for steady wealth growth.

Vereinigte Volksbank Maingau

Vereinigte Volksbank Maingau offers a broad range of economical services like mortgages and wealth management. It supports customers’ financial endeavors through resourceful and inclusive financial products.

Trafalgar International

Trafalgar International specializes in financial planning and wealth management. It emphasises the need for rigorous financial planning in wealth management to drive wealth growth over long periods.

PEH Group

PEH Group offers a wide range of services that involves its customers in the processes of managing their wealth. These services include investment products, asset management, asset planning, investment advisory, and portfolio analysis.


Capitell offers wealth and asset management solutions to meet individual and business needs. It recognizes the uniqueness of each client, providing customized strategies targeted towards exceptional outcomes.

Union Investment

Union Investment is a cooperative financial network management company. It combines professional financial services and community efforts to create a unique brand of wealth management.

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Patrimea is a consulting company that offers a broad range of services. These include wealth management, insurance, retirement and investment planning and advisory services.

Alpha Beta Asset Management

Co-founded by Marcus Van de Weyer, Alpha Beta Asset Management offers wealth, risk, portfolio management, and investment funds. This variety allows customers to choose services that align with their financial status and goals.


Finally, we have Gewerbeversicherung24 which provides commercial insurance and consulting services to founders, self-employed professionals, and small companies. It rounds up our list with its unique and admirable approach in meeting the demands of its clients.

In conclusion, these companies and startups are making waves in the wealth management industry. Each brings something a little different, yet important, to the table. Regardless of the differences, one thing is clear – they all have a common goal: to help clients manage their wealth so they can reach their financial goals and beyond.

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