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Who are Colorado’s Most Influential Personal Finance Startups in 2023?

The rise of technology, especially fintech, has drastically reshaped many industries. One such industry is personal finance, where startups are leveraging innovative ideas and technologies to disrupt traditional financial services, offering users more control over their financial lives. Colorado, a state known for its thriving tech ecosystem, is home to a number of interesting personal finance startups and companies. This article covers 15 notable ones.

These companies range from wealth management firms and digital insurance brokers to online investing apps and financial planning service platforms. All of them are driving change in the personal finance sector in their own unique ways, employing different strategies, approaches, and solutions. Their common aim is to make personal finance more accessible, reliable, and user-friendly.

The booming personal finance sector in Colorado is testament to the state’s innovativeness, diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a sign of how the finance landscape continues to evolve, keeping pace with changing consumer demands and technological advancements. Without further ado, let’s delve into these Colorado-based personal finance companies.

Progress Wealth Management

Progress Wealth Management, co-founded by Blaine Thiederman, aims to simplify personal finance through its financial planning and wealth management services. Their goal is to help clients progress financially while setting them on the right financial path.

Colorado Jumpstart Coalition

The Colorado Jumpstart Coalition is a non-profit organization committed to improving the financial literacy of the younger generation. They do this by providing educational resources and materials to improve individuals’ financial capabilities and overall quality of life.

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Kelly Klee

Founded by Bob Klee and Jon Kelly, Kelly Klee is a digital insurance broker that provides customized insurance plans designed to cover important personal assets and wealth. Their aim is to make the insurance buying process simpler and more transparent for clients.

Michael Sailor Insurance

Michael Sailor Insurance offers a range of coverage options, including insurance for Medicare, dental, vision and long or short-term life. They strive to provide personalized and affordable policies that fulfill their client’s insurance needs.

American Financing

Co-founded by Damian and Gabie Maldonado, American Financing is a national mortgage banker that provides a wide array of financial solutions. The company is licensed in all 50 states and is dedicated to empowering homeowners by offering finance solutions that fit their needs.

Aurora Federal Credit Union

Aurora Federal Credit Union offers a range of financial services to its members. This includes savings accounts, credit building opportunities, and more. This member-owned and cooperative financial institution is dedicated to improving its members’ financial well-being.


TIFIN, co-founded by Vinay Nair, serves as a breeding ground for fintech innovation. They create and operate a range of fintech companies that focus on areas like wealth management, investments, and personal finance, with a goal of driving forward innovation in the sector.


ChroniFI is a personal finance software company that helps users understand their finances in terms of time instead of money. This unique approach aims to make money management more intuitive and accessible.

Magnifi by TIFIN

Co-founded by Isabelle Freidheim and Vinay Nair, Magnifi by TIFIN is an online investing app powered by Artificial Intelligence. It serves as an investing assistant and investment search engine, dedicated to facilitating smarter investing decisions.

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Divvz, founded by Kainoa Presbitero, helps users split, validate, and track shared costs. It builds trust among users by providing a transparent platform that makes splitting costs simpler and conflict-free.

Amy Noel

Amy Noel Inc. is a financial services company providing a whole range of financial solutions. The company aims to come up with a plan that gives you peace of mind knowing you have a structured plan for your financial future.


Founded by Ryan Bales, Bync simplifies personal finance by delivering relevant deals synced with users’ banks and credit cards. The company aims to help users save money by providing insight into their spending habits and offering ways to cut costs.

I Can Help You Organize

I Can Help You Organize helps individuals navigate through their health insurance claims process. The company provides consulting services to ensure clients fully understand their health insurance coverage and can make the most of it.


AdvisorLoans is a specialist lending solution provider for advisors and firms in the financial services industry. By understanding the unique needs of financial advisors, they offer tailored loan solutions that fit their professional needs.


Plan&Act, founded by David Ron, is a free financial planning service that offers independent money management. Their aim is to empower the everyday individual to plan for their future and act on their financial goals in an informed way.

These remarkable companies are capitalizing on technology to revolutionize the way people manage and engage with their finances. They exemplify the spirit of innovation that continues to drive Colorado’s thriving business ecosystem, setting the bar not only for the state but the country as a whole.

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