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Who are California’s Most Influential Credit Bureau Startups in 2023?

California, known for Silicon Valley and its innovative startups, is not only a place for tech enthusiasts but also serves as a hub for interesting financial startups. A particular area of interest is in the Credit Bureau industry. We have spotted and want to showcase 15 intriguing startups and companies within this niche from the Golden State. These startups provide a diverse range of credit-related services such as credit report services, credit management, information on financial lending, and more. Let’s dive in.


CreditReport.com is a credit reporting agency that offers services related to credit checking and credit rating. This California-based startup provides crucial credit information particularly useful for individuals, corporations, and financial institutions looking to understand the creditworthiness of a potential borrower.

Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau

Specializing in resolving insurance-related problems, Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau is another interesting startup. Co-founded by Nate Nahmia, the company seeks to assist clients in navigating the complex landscape of insurance, a service which is an essential part of its credit bureau operations.

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union offers members financial support through credit loans and insurance. They play a crucial role in serving the community by ensuring members have access to much-needed financial resources.

Legit CPN

Operating in the financial space is Legit CPN, a company that sells 100% legit and legal CPNs (Secondary credit numbers), especially for individuals with bad credit looking for a fresh start. Their primary aim is to help individuals improve their financial standing.

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InternationalCreditReports.com specializes in providing credit report services to customers. Their services play a crucial role in offering clients an opportunity to understand their credit history and score.


Offering solutions in the banking industry, Inquiryremovers provides services that range from credit bureau assistance to financial consulting.


DTR Credit Repair is dedicated to assisting individuals in improving their credit scores. They do this by aiding clients in submitting dispute reports, thereby enhancing their potential to get better loan services and terms.


Founded by Alex Mojtahedi, Andrew Walsh, and Mehdi Yahyanejad, Peachscore provides a disruptive automated AI-driven platform for startup evaluations.


Serving diverse business needs, ChinaWTO.com offers a variety of business-related services. These range from consulting to credit bureau services, all targeted at assisting businesses to thrive in China.


CCUCC stands out due to its expertise in areas such as debt counselling, negotiation techniques, and bankruptcy law. Their work not only promotes financial literacy but also helps individuals and businesses understand their finances better.

Credit Hydra

Founded by Abhishek Agarwal and Ko Ohashi, Credit Hydra aims to revolutionize the credit industry by creating a decentralized credit bureau on the blockchain. This unique approach is set to make credit management more transparent and efficient.

Nationwide Capital

Nationwide Capital, co-founded by Arin Dunn, offers a broad range of home loans and refinancing options, including FHA and VA loans. They are committed to providing tailored financial solutions to their customers.


SavvyMoney looks to empower individuals to take control of their finances. Co-founded by Steve Richmond, the company provides actionable advice about credit, further fostering financial literacy among its users.

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MK Decision

MK Decision has a mission to help financial institutions thrive by fostering more deposits and loans. The company was founded by Guru Dharam Khalsa and Har Rai Khalsa, and offers banking and financial services.

American Ratings Inc

Last but not least, American Ratings Inc, founded by Anim Akhtar Ali Khan, offers credit rating certification among many other services.

In conclusion, the Credit Bureau startup scene in California is vibrant and diverse, with each company striving to offer unique services that aid in the better understanding of personal and corporate finances. As these companies continue to flourish, it is clear that the future of finance lies in the hands of these innovative startups.

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