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Unveiling Glasgow’s Vibrant Accounting Landscape: 15 Companies Shaping Financial Success

Exploring the Diverse and Dynamic Accounting Companies in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Glasgow, a bustling city in the heart of Scotland, is not only renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant economy but also for its thriving accounting sector. Behind the scenes, a network of innovative and client-centric accounting firms is shaping the financial success of businesses in Glasgow and beyond. In this article, we showcase 15 fascinating accounting companies that contribute to Glasgow’s financial landscape, each with its unique expertise and services.

Sunstone Communication Ltd:

Sunstone Communication Ltd focuses on bridging the gap between start-up entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts by connecting business models to numbers and value. With a comprehensive range of services spanning accounting, advice, enterprise software, finance, and incubators, they play a crucial role in guiding emerging businesses towards sustainable growth.


Grants is an accounting firm that excels in providing accountancy, tax services, and related financial assistance. With a strong focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Grants combines their expertise in accounting and consulting to support businesses in achieving their financial goals.

EIS Financial Services:

EIS Financial Services is a trusted provider of investments and insurance solutions. Their extensive knowledge in accounting and financial services allows them to offer tailored investment strategies and life insurance options to individuals and businesses in Glasgow.


Fortus is a dynamic firm offering a wide range of services, including auditing, accounting, taxation, payroll, and corporate finance. With a client-centered approach, Fortus ensures that businesses receive comprehensive financial support while adhering to regulatory standards.

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French Duncan:

French Duncan is a prominent provider of professional services in Glasgow. With their deep-rooted expertise in accounting, they assist businesses in navigating financial challenges and achieving sustainable growth through their meticulous approach and industry knowledge.

Martin Aitken & Co Ltd:

Martin Aitken & Co Ltd stands out as one of Scotland’s leading independent firms of chartered accountants and business advisers. Their extensive range of accounting and financial services ensures that businesses receive the expert guidance they need to thrive in the competitive market.

Nicolson Accountancy:

Nicolson Accountancy is a reputable accounting firm offering a comprehensive suite of accounting services. With their dedicated team of professionals, they provide personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of their clients, ensuring financial success.


Accountables is a fintech platform that revolutionizes financial services for small and medium-sized businesses. Through their innovative solutions, they empower businesses to streamline their accounting processes, ensuring accurate financial management and facilitating growth.


Know-it specializes in cloud-based credit management and accountancy solutions. Their cutting-edge technology allows businesses to effectively manage their credit and financial operations, providing real-time insights and optimizing cash flow.

Curle & Co:

Curle & Co offers audit, accounting, tax management, payroll, bookkeeping, and consulting services. Their comprehensive suite of financial solutions supports businesses in managing their finances effectively and maximizing their growth potential.


Consilium is a multi-faceted company offering services within tax compliance, advisory, business services, accounts, and corporate finance. Their expertise in accounting, consulting, and financial services makes them a valuable partner for businesses seeking holistic financial solutions.

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Robb Ferguson Chartered Accountants:

Robb Ferguson Chartered Accountants offers accounting, audits, benchmarking, assurance, bookkeeping, and business plan services. With their diverse range of financial services, they help businesses achieve financial clarity and make informed decisions.

Wylie & Bisset:

Wylie & Bisset is a chartered accountants firm that deals with accounting, taxation, VAT, payroll, financial planning, and advisory services. Their comprehensive expertise enables businesses to navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve sustainable growth.

Robertson Craig:

Robertson Craig specializes in business valuation, tax return preparation, advisory, tax compliance, transaction, and consultation. With their in-depth knowledge of accounting and financial services, they assist businesses in making strategic financial decisions and maximizing their value.

Qualitas Payroll Services:

Qualitas Payroll Services provides payroll services, ensuring accurate and efficient management of employee payments and compliance with regulatory requirements. Their expertise in accounting and financial services helps businesses streamline their payroll processes.


The accounting companies showcased in Glasgow contribute significantly to the financial success and growth of businesses in the region. From providing comprehensive accounting services to offering innovative fintech solutions, these firms play a vital role in supporting businesses in their financial endeavors. Whether it’s guiding start-ups, offering specialized expertise, or streamlining financial operations, the diverse range of services offered by these accounting companies strengthens Glasgow’s position as a thriving hub for financial excellence.

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