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Is Impact Investing and Angel Syndication the Future of Venture Capital?

Key Takeaways:

  • Blue Star Capital is a leading name in the sectors of Impact Investing and Angel Syndication.
  • Located in Italy, they specialize in making socio-economically beneficial investments in Startups and SMEs, focusing on future value.
  • The company leverages significant financial and managerial skills to act as a one-stop-shop for investment and consulting.
  • The future of venture capital could indeed lean towards strategies like Impact Investing and Angel Syndication, as demonstrated by Blue Star Capital’s success and growth.


As significant shifts in economics and consumer behaviour continue to reshape the global business landscape, Impact Investing and Angel Syndication have emerged as potentially sustainable future direction for venture capital. One noteworthy player in this evolving landscape is Blue Star Capital. Based in Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, this exciting venture has been making waves in the finance industry with its community-focused approach to investment.

Blue Star Capital is an investment fund with esoteric specializations in sectors which straddle the lines between profit and social responsibility. Their primary focus – operations with high future value through Investments in startups and SMEs. They achieve this either directly or via national and international investment partners. The company presents a unique and innovative model in the venture capital industry.


Blue Star Capital stands apart due to its pioneering approach to investment. Impact Investing, their key asset, aims at generating measurable, beneficial, social, or environmental impacts alongside a financial return. Their vested interest is in projects highlighting strong future potential, which already sets them distinctly apart in an industry primarily driven by quick profits and short-term returns. In essence, they responsibly pave a way for sustainable and considerate capitalism.

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Further cementing their unique position, once the investment is channelled, Blue Star Capital acts as an Angel Syndicate consulting firm driven by a powerful professional team. With strong managerial and financial dexterity, they provide integral advising and strategic input to their partners. This ‘one-stop-shop’ model of delivering investment and advice offers a significantly comprehensive and value-driven service in the industry.


With their powerful model of combining Impact Investing with Angel Syndication, Blue Star Capital is demonstrating that the future of venture capital may indeed lie in these innovative strategies. As global businesses continue to evolve towards a future of conscious capitalism, market players like Blue Star Capital serve as not just models of success, but also as harbingers of a more sustainable future.

Their growth and development will undoubtedly prove valuable to watch, as will the larger trajectory of the venture capital sector. Is Impact Investing and Angel Syndication the future of Venture Capital? If companies like Blue Star Capital and their continuing success are any indication, the answer indeed seems to be a resounding ‘Yes’. To stay updated with their moves, follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or visit their website here.

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