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Is Digital Banking Revolutionising Global Trade for SMEs?

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital banking is revolutionising global trade, especially for small and medium businesses.
  • Silverbird, a London-based fintech startup, is leading the way in providing digital banking solutions for international merchants.
  • The company serves SMEs participating in global trade providing them with seamless online banking, global business account, and high-value cross-border payments.
  • Silverbird uses data-driven AI-powered KYC technology to onboard international SMEs, making them bankable in Europe and beyond.
  • The future of banking will demand highly specialised, global, and digital services for SMEs that want to participate in international trade.

Digital banking is significantly impacting global trade, particularly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The new generation of fintech firms are leveraging technology to provide innovative services and products that streamline banking and financial tasks for businesses of all sizes. One such company leading this revolution is Silverbird, a London-based digital banking platform designed to cater specifically to international merchants.

Founded by Maxim Faldin, Silverbird is riding the wave of innovation in the fintech space. The company provides various financial services, including seamless online banking, global business accounts, and high-value cross-border payments to SMEs participating in global trade. This suite of services is a game-changer, given traditional banking often poses a plethora of challenges in these areas.

What differentiates Silverbird from other digital banks is its commitment to simplification and convenience. The company leverages data-driven AI technology to facilitate Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, an often daunting and time-consuming process. By streamlining this process, Silverbird reduces barriers for SMEs looking to enter or grow in the international trade space, making them “bankable in Europe and beyond”.

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Furthermore, Silverbird also collaborates with banks, regulators, payment networks, and trade finance companies to create a seamless banking experience for its clients. By doing the heavy lifting, they ensure that SMEs do not have to struggle with the often complex aspects of international banking.

The future of banking for SMEs is being redefined by companies like Silverbird. As businesses increasingly look towards global markets, there is a clear and growing demand for services that make international banking less complex and more accessible. By providing such solutions, Silverbird is not only revolutionising digital banking but also helping to fuel global economic growth.

As the industry continues to shift towards digital services, companies like Silverbird are poised to play a crucial role. Their innovative approach, commitment to reducing complexity, and focus on facilitating global trade for SMEs open a world of possibilities for businesses eager to trade in global markets. We can expect to see an even broader suite of services and increased simplification in global banking in the years to come.

To learn more about Silverbird, visit their website silverbird.com or contact them via Linkedin at linkedin.com/company/silverbird.

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