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Company Showcase: WeRize – Revolutionizing Indian Financial Services with Social Distribution Model

As India’s economy continues to grow, so too does the demand for accessible financial services. Unfortunately, traditional players and even fintechs are struggling to meet the needs of middle-class families in Tier 2-4 cities, leaving a $200 billion market largely underserved. WeRize, a Bangalore-based startup, is addressing this gap by creating India’s first socially distributed full-stack fintech platform, providing credit, insurance, and savings products to individuals in small towns across the country.

Building a New Category in Indian Financial Services

Founded in 2020, WeRize is disrupting the Indian financial services industry by creating a new category – socially distributed full-stack fintech platform. Unlike traditional players who are unable to serve small-city India due to their high-cost branch-based distribution model, WeRize is leveraging technology to offer a unique product set and distribution model that meets the needs of these underserved markets.

A Full-Stack Provider with Customized Products

WeRize is a full-stack provider, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of customized credit, insurance, and savings products for over 300 million individuals in 4,000+ Tier 2-4 towns. The company’s distribution model enables high-touch sales and after-sales service, which is essential for small-town families who require personalized assistance with their financial needs. WeRize’s approach is significantly different from that of traditional private banks, insurers, and mutual fund companies, which are unable to provide affordable products due to their high-cost structure.

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The “Social Shopify of Finance” Platform

To address the trust issue and provide high-touch sales and after-sales service, WeRize has developed a “Social Shopify of Finance” platform. The platform enables thousands of financially literate freelancers in 1,000+ cities to sell WeRize’s financial products in their social circle. This approach not only solves the trust issue but also provides a cost-effective solution for the company’s sales and marketing needs.

A Highly Scalable and Profitable Business Model

WeRize is the only Indian fintech platform that has been able to distribute financial services through freelancers without any of its own feet-on-street or local branches. The company’s freelancers are managed through its proprietary tech platform, enabling scalability and low CAC/ops costs. This approach has resulted in a highly profitable business model, allowing WeRize to expand its operations and provide much-needed financial services to millions of individuals in small towns across India.


WeRize is transforming the Indian financial services industry by providing affordable, customized products and personalized assistance to middle-class families in Tier 2-4 cities. The company’s socially distributed full-stack fintech platform is addressing the gaps left by traditional players and enabling millions of individuals to access the financial services they need to build a better future.

Website: https://www.werize.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/werize/about/

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Explore:  Company Showcase: astrantiaPay - Enabling Safe and Seamless Payments for Sophisticated SMEs

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