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Company Showcase: Transformation Capital – Revolutionizing Healthcare IT Investments

Transforming the healthcare industry requires innovative and cutting-edge technology that can improve patient outcomes and experiences. However, investing in healthcare IT and services companies that have the potential to make a difference can be challenging. That’s where Transformation Capital comes in. As a growth equity fund solely focused on healthcare IT and services companies, Transformation Capital is redefining the healthcare investment landscape.

Sub-Title: Revolutionizing Healthcare IT Investments

As healthcare providers shift their focus to providing value-based care, the demand for healthcare IT solutions is increasing. Transformation Capital is dedicated to investing in healthcare IT and services companies that offer solutions to the complex challenges that healthcare providers face. By investing in companies that can improve the delivery and accessibility of healthcare, Transformation Capital aims to transform the healthcare industry.

The Company’s Vision and Mission

Transformation Capital is the successor management company to Leerink Transformation Partners LLC (“LTP”), which was founded in 2016 by Todd Cozzens and Jared Kesselheim, MD, along with SVB Leerink Capital LLC. Leerink Capital provided seed capital to Fund I, and operational support. In January 2019, SVB Financial Group acquired the Leerink businesses, including Leerink Capital. Todd Cozzens, Jared Kesselheim, MD, and Michael Dixon, Transformation Capital’s founders, own the company independently and are not affiliated with SVB or Leerink Capital.

Transformation Capital’s mission is to identify healthcare IT and services companies with the potential to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry. They invest in companies that have a proven track record of improving patient outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, and improving the overall healthcare experience. They are committed to providing the necessary capital, resources, and operational support to these companies to help them grow and thrive.

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Investment Strategy

Transformation Capital’s investment strategy is focused on investing in early to growth-stage healthcare IT and services companies. They invest in companies that have a unique and compelling value proposition, a seasoned management team, and a scalable business model. Their investment approach is disciplined, and they focus on companies that have a clear path to profitability.

Transformation Capital is a collaborative investor that works closely with management teams to provide the necessary capital and resources to achieve their growth objectives. They bring operational expertise, strategic guidance, and access to their vast network of industry contacts to help companies achieve their full potential.

The Team

Transformation Capital’s team consists of experienced healthcare investors and operators with a proven track record of success. Todd Cozzens, Jared Kesselheim, MD, and Michael Dixon have decades of experience in the healthcare industry, and they are committed to transforming the industry through their investments. Kevin Brown, formerly the CFO of Leerink Capital, is the operational leader of Transformation Capital, and he brings significant experience in finance, operations, and strategy to the team.


Transformation Capital is a game-changer in the healthcare IT investment landscape. Their dedication to investing in innovative healthcare IT and services companies is transforming the healthcare industry. With their expertise, resources, and network, they are helping healthcare IT companies to grow, thrive, and make a real impact on patient outcomes and experiences.

Website: https://www.transformcap.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/transformcptl

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/transformationcapital/

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