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Company Showcase: Solid World – Derisking Climate Financing through Liquid and Transparent Markets

Solid World is a startup that is on a mission to accelerate the development of carbon projects by offering diversified ways to finance them. By leveraging blockchain technology, Solid World is de-risking carbon investments and making them liquid, which will result in accelerated capital deployment and expansion cycles for carbon projects.

The Carbon Market Opportunity

The carbon market is predicted to be 50 times its current size, worth up to $50 billion by 2030. However, the forward carbon investment market is currently held back by the illiquid nature of the carbon investment market and the underperformance of carbon projects. Investing in a project gives you a forward contract for future credits, but these forward contracts often underdeliver, and you can’t do anything with this illiquid future promise for credits in 5+ years.

Solid World DAO is addressing these challenges by designing special-purpose blockchain infrastructure that offers fair, transparent and liquid markets for carbon projects.

Building Liquid Markets for Carbon Projects

Solid World’s approach is to de-risk carbon investments by creating liquid markets that are accessible to all investors. This added safety will result in accelerated capital deployment and expansion cycles for carbon projects.

Solid World is working with the top companies in this space, including SCB, Vlinder, Emsurge, Arbol, SustGlobal, Toucan, Flowcarbon, and OFP, to create a one-of-a-kind world-class team with deep industry knowledge and blockchain knowledge.

Special-Purpose Blockchain Infrastructure

Solid World has designed a special-purpose blockchain infrastructure that offers the following:

  • Liquidity pools with $4M forwards committed
  • Automated market maker protocol that will serve as a financial primitive to build derivatives, collateralized loans, on-chain insurance, and other innovations
  • First-mover advantage in building forward carbon credit infrastructure
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The team at Solid World comprises serial-entrepreneur founders with industry knowledge in ACT Commodities, BeZero, and eAgronom, and blockchain knowledge in Toucan, Mercado Bitcoin, and KlimaDAO. They have sourced tens of millions of forward credits and are in late-stage talks with multiple trading houses for them to become LPs on their automated market maker.


Solid World is a startup that is making great strides in addressing the challenges that exist in the carbon investment market. By creating liquid markets that are accessible to all investors, Solid World is derisking carbon investments and accelerating capital deployment and expansion cycles for carbon projects. This innovative approach will not only benefit investors but also help to promote a sustainable future.

Website: https://www.solid.world/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solidworlddao

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/solidworld/about/

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