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Company Showcase: Nikulipe – Making Local Payment Methods Accessible in Emerging Markets

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, cross-border payments have become essential for businesses of all sizes to reach new markets. However, these transactions often come with a host of complications, including high fees, currency conversions, and regulatory barriers. Nikulipe, a Lithuanian fintech startup, is tackling this challenge by creating and connecting local payment methods to give consumers in fast-growing and emerging markets the ability to take part in global e-commerce.

Empowering Consumers in Emerging Markets

Nikulipe is on a mission to make local payment methods accessible to fintechs, payment service providers, and their merchants. By streamlining cross-border payment solutions, Nikulipe provides unified access to local payment methods or creates payment solutions where there are none, unlocking the doors to new markets. With this approach, Nikulipe is empowering consumers in emerging markets to access the global marketplace, making it easier for businesses to expand and grow in new regions.

Creating Innovative Payment Solutions

One of Nikulipe’s latest products, banklinq, is a local payment option for the Baltic region. It allows consumers to pay for goods and services with their favorite bank on international merchant sites. This innovation makes it easier for consumers to use their preferred payment methods, while businesses can receive payments quickly and securely. By creating innovative payment solutions like banklinq, Nikulipe is driving the future of cross-border payments.

Founded by Payment Experts

Nikulipe was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and payments market experts with direct expertise in payment technology and local payment solutions. With offices across the EU, the company is currently headquartered in Lithuania, which is ranked as the 4th leading fintech hub in the world. This expertise allows Nikulipe to stay on top of the latest trends in cross-border payments and create cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike.

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Joining the Payments Association

Since 2021, Nikulipe has been a proud member of the Payments Association, which connects payments professionals globally to share ideas, work on innovation, and collaboration. This membership underscores Nikulipe’s commitment to creating innovative payment solutions and driving the future of cross-border payments.


Nikulipe is a fintech startup that is making local payment methods accessible in emerging markets. By streamlining cross-border payment solutions and creating innovative payment solutions, Nikulipe is empowering consumers in these markets to access the global marketplace. With a team of payment experts and a commitment to collaboration, Nikulipe is driving the future of cross-border payments and helping businesses expand and grow in new regions.

Website: https://www.nikulipe.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nikulipe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikulipe

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nikulipe

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