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Company Showcase: Bryzos – Empowering Small and Medium-sized Industrial Businesses in the Steel Industry

As the world continues to move towards digitization, industrial businesses must also evolve to keep pace. Bryzos is a cloud-based, industrial goods trade platform that aims to support small and medium-sized industrial businesses in their transition to a digital format. Bryzos operates as a two-sided marketplace, connecting third-party buyers with third-party sellers, and plans to expand to additional verticals in 2022.

Enabling Small and Medium-sized Industrial Businesses in the Steel Industry

Steel is one of the most critical industries in the US, and Bryzos has positioned itself to support its digitization. Bryzos’ platform streamlines the procurement and sales process, enabling businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer engagement. Bryzos facilitates seamless communication between buyers and sellers, making it easier for businesses to connect with their partners, source materials, and negotiate deals.

Creating a Robust Digital Presence for All Businesses

Starting in Q1 of 2022, Bryzos is expanding its platform to allow members to open stores on Bryzos. This feature will enable sellers to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar locations. The platform provides sellers with a full-featured back-office and a single view of their business. With Bryzos, all companies can have a robust digital presence with all the tools required to manage all aspects of their business.

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Supporting Members with Marketing, Customer Engagement, and Payments

Bryzos supports its members with marketing, customer engagement, and payments. The platform enables businesses to customize their environment to suit their needs and provides buy-now-pay-later payment options to increase sales. Bryzos’ stable and scalable platform is designed to support the growth of its members. Today, Bryzos supports over 1,000 US businesses, with approximately 70 new member companies per month. In 2021, Bryzos’ GMV grew by a factor of 6x, and transaction velocity continues to multiply as the network strengthens.


Bryzos’ cloud-based, industrial goods trade platform is revolutionizing the steel industry by enabling small and medium-sized industrial businesses to transition to a digital format. By streamlining the procurement and sales process, Bryzos is reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving customer engagement for businesses. With the expansion of the platform in Q1 2022, Bryzos’ members will have access to a full-featured back-office, a single view of their business, and multiple sales channels. Bryzos’ stable and scalable platform is designed to support the growth of its members, and its success in the steel industry is a testament to its ability to support businesses in their digitization journey.

Website: https://www.bryzos.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BryzosSteel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BryzosSteel/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bryzos

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