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Can Wearable Fintech Devices Revolutionise Children’s Financial Education?

Key Takeaways

  • Tappables, a Vancouver-based FinTech startup, is introducing wearable payment devices for children aged 5 to 12 years old.
  • The company’s product aims to revolutionise children’s financial education by offering a safe and fun method of managing money with advanced parental control features.
  • With no stored personal information, Tappables offers a secure way to teach kids about financial responsibility.
  • While Tappables is currently focusing on the children’s market, the potential applications for similar wearable fintech devices is broad, potentially impacting various industries.

With an increasing shift towards digital transactions over the traditional cash-based system, financial education has never been more important for the younger generation. Recognising this pivotal need, Vancouver-based startup, Tappables, decided to take an innovative step. They combine wearable technology with financial control to provide a unique solution that is set to redefine financial literacy for kids. The fun, safe, and educational wearable payment device, Tappables Junior, is anticipated to hit the market in Fall 2021.

The vision of Tappables is clear: to create payment solutions that are secure and user-friendly for all ages. Unlike other fintech solutions, Tappables devices do not contain or store any identifying or personal information. Instead, they act as tap enabled payment devices controlled and managed via a mobile device, securing the privacy and safety of users at all times.

So, what truly sets Tappables apart within the FinTech industry? It’s the company’s unique approach to integrate fun with lessons on financial responsibility. Aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years old, Tappables provides parents complete control over the funding. Furthermore, its advanced parental control capabilities ensure that parents can easily track and manage their child’s expenditure.

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In an industry dominated by adult-centric solutions, Tappables’ targeted focus on the child demographic is setting it apart from the crowd. Offering a hands-on, interactive experience for kids that merges gaming elements with financial literacy, Tappables ensures that learning about money is no longer a dry, boring task. Instead, it becomes a holistic activity instilling the nuances of money management from an early age.

Looking towards the future, Tappables has the potential to revolutionise not only children’s financial education, but also several other sectors. While the company is currently focusing on the children’s market, the scope and application of their technology holds large-scale potential. Industries such as healthcare, education and entertainment could potentially benefit from such integrated, wearable fintech solutions.

We anticipate that this innovative venture will evolve as the company matures and technology advances. Already receiving a positive response, Tappables sets a significant precedent for fintech and edtech firms, hinting at a future where finance and technology merge seamlessly. To learn more about Tappables and stay updated with their latest developments, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or check out their website.


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