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Blockchain’s Impact on AR/VR Ownership: Revolutionising Virtual Content Control?

Debating the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionising the control of virtual (AR/VR) content, Metaghiti, a decentralised Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) platform, compels finances to take a closer look.

– Blockchain’s ability to ensure true content ownership
– Impact of blockchain technology on AR/VR industries
– The role Metaghiti plays in revolutionising digital content control
– Predicted future of Metaghiti and the industry it operates within

Enter Metaghiti, a forward-thinking startup based out of Toronto, Canada. It’s here where a blend of augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming, social media networking, and blockchain technology gives birth to an innovative platform. This platform allows users to create, experience, and monetise content and applications within a decentralised universe. Metaghiti empowers its community members with absolute control over their creations, which could potentially churn a groundbreaking impact on the entire AR/VR landscape.

Mounted on the backbone of blockchain, Metaghiti is setting an unprecedented example of a virtually realised, community-owned universe. Here, users claim ownership of virtual plots of land, etched upon a blockchain-based ledger. Identified by a set of Cartesian coordinates, each specific plot belongs unequivocally to its rightful owner. Putting a twist on what we define as property, this piece of virtual real estate has been truly democratised.

What sets Metaghiti apart is its flexibility. The platform supports a diverse range of content types, from captivating 3D scenes, unique art galleries, immersive game systems, to innovative shops. Moreover, it entrusts the owners with the final call on what content gets published on their land. This is a testament to the platform’s commitment to decentralisation and user empowerment.

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Furthermore, Metaghiti’s deft pairing of DeFi and VR presents users with the creative freedom to experiment with different ways to attract visitors and generate revenue. Whether via creating engaging multiplayer games, hosting events, or running applications, users are given the tools to leverage their parcel of land as an income-generating asset.

As the AR/VR industries continue to expand and cater to an ever-evolving audience, Metaghiti’s concept of a decentralised and user-controlled virtual universe sounds enticing. If the blend of blockchain and AR/VR continues enticing developers as well as end users, the concept of virtual ownership might well become a standard feature in the future AR/VR landscapes. Surely, Metaghiti’s experiment with a community-owned universe will most-certainly help craft this future narrative.

On this exciting journey, Metaghiti has positioned itself as a pioneer in levelling up the interplay between AR, VR and Blockchain. The startup looks poised to push the boundaries of these technologies and pave the way for the future of user-owned digital content. For more information about Metaghiti, visit their website at www.ghiti.xyz or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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