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Will Simplified Deal-Brokering Platforms Change the SME Investment Landscape?

Key Takeaways:

  • Deale, a Spanish startup, seeks to revolutionize the SME investment landscape through an easy-to-use deal-brokering platform
  • Deale fills an industry gap by acting as a bridge between SMEs, investors, and advisors, democratizing access to investment opportunities
  • While 90% of SMEs are unfamiliar with the benefits of M&A strategies, Deale facilitates their entry into this lucrative marketplace
  • Advisors can extend their reach beyond their local network, connecting with companies worldwide
  • The company’s future growth is highly promising, with expansion plans aiming to establish the platform as an industry standard.

Will simplified deal-brokering platforms be game-changers in the SME investment landscape? Well, that’s exactly the question that Gerard Garcia Esteve focused on when founding Deale. Based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, this revolutionary platform is primed to dramatically alter how entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors engage in business transactions. As a market innovator, Deale’s mission is to empower SMEs to connect easily with investors and advisors, thus paving the way for more accessible and beneficial investment opportunities.

Only 10% of SMEs are conversant with the rich benefits inherent in M&A strategies. Deale targets the other 90%, assisting them in understanding and tapping into these advantages. By simplifying the often complex and inaccessible investment process, Deale is keen to stir up the financial services, marketplace, and software industries.

The distinguishing factor of Deale lies in the solution it offers. Investors spend an extraordinary amount of time searching for good deals, often with no clear or immediate access to these investment opportunities. Deale changes this narrative by providing a platform where investors can discover their next investment in less than 20 minutes, all done completely online. Similarly, advisors often face the hurdle of extending their reach beyond their local networks. Deale eliminates this obstacle, making their expertise accessible to every company in the world with just a few clicks.

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Another unique factor of Deale is its location. Operating from Spain, a burgeoning startup hub, Deale leverages the favorable business climate to propel its innovative platform. Furthermore, the company’s focus on engaging SMEs and ensuring that they don’t miss out on growth and expansion opportunities via M&A strategies sets it apart in an industry where bureaucratic procedures often lock out small and medium enterprises.

As Deale navigates the future, there are promising prospects for both the company and the industry in which it operates. The company’s aim to make the process of deal-brokering easier, quicker, and more accessible could ultimately lead to the democratization of the SME investment landscape, changing how business is conducted. Deale’s goal is to connect, simplify, and inspire a generation of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors, potentially making it a benchmark for platforms to come.

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