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Will New Cashback Platform Revolutionise Africa’s Retail and Financial Ecosystem?

Bitback, a global cashback rewards platform, is making waves in Africa’s retail and financial ecosystem. This Canadian-based startup is on a mission to put money back into the pockets of young Africans through the Bitback app. But can this new platform revolutionise Africa’s retail and financial ecosystem? Below are some notable takeaways:

  • Bitback’s unique platform connects young people and retailers across Africa providing income streams for its users.
  • The cashback rewards platform is a former IDEO CoLab resident (19′) and a part of the Techstars portfolio company (20′).
  • Users earn cash back for every purchase they make through the Bitback app from their favourite retailers.
  • Merchants and service providers have unique means of reaching and retaining young consumers through special offers and rewards on the platform.

Operating from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Bitback has chosen Africa as its focus, aiming to connect young people and retailers across the continent. The platform is an ingenious approach to rewards systems, focusing on instant cashback for every purchase made by users through its app, unlike many reward platforms that often use points systems or other types of incentives.

The global startup, a former IDEO CoLab resident that made its way into the Techstars portfolio in 2020, is revolutionising the financial ecosystem in Africa by creating tailored income streams for young people and fuelling their entrepreneurial spirits. This can potentially provide financial empowerment to a demographic group that has been historically underserved by traditional financial systems and services.

One key differential of Bitback is its keen focus on youth empowerment. The startup is specifically designed to target young consumers, providing them with incentives not only to spend but also to earn. It also gives merchants and service providers in Africa a unique opportunity to reach and retain this demographic group through special offers and rewards. Merchants gain increased visibility and customer loyalty, thus creating a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses.

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The other standout characteristic of Bitback is its homegrown and tailored nature for the African market. The continent’s retail landscape, dominated by a mix of informal and formal retailers, poses unique challenges that require regionally-tailored solutions. Bitback’s approach uniquely fits into this market dynamic, making it an excellent option for consumers and retailers alike.

Looking ahead, the future of Bitback appears promising. Africa’s retail and financial landscape is ripe for disruption, and Bitback seems poised to lead this revolution with an innovative approach to cash back rewards. Furthermore, the dual focus on youth empowerment and retail business growth positions this startup for significant impact and value addition in the region’s economy.

Get to know more about Bitback through its website, Bitback, and connect with them on their social media platforms:
Twitter: @getbitback,
Facebook: @getbitback,
Linkedin: Bitback.
Be part of the retail and financial revolution in Africa!

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