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Who’s Reshaping Peterborough’s Financial Landscape with Innovative Startups?

In the quaint English city of Peterborough, a financial revolution is steadily brewing. Home to a radiant array of startups and established businesses, Peterborough is gradually becoming a metropolis for finance innovation. We are eager to share our findings and are thrilled to present to you the top 15 finance businesses that are shaping the future of finance from the heart of Peterborough.

In an era of digital advancement and quick transition from traditional methods of solving tasks to applying technological innovations, the financial industry isn’t excluded. Finance startups and companies have continued to dominate, pushing for changes in this dynamic sector. This article explores interesting Finance startups and companies that have emerged from Peterborough.

While we will be showcasing these businesses, we’ve also provided links to their respective websites for a richer and more comprehensive understanding. You are encouraged to visit these links for a deeper insight into what these companies offer beyond the surface.

BGL Group

Established by Douw Gerbrand Steyn, the BGL Group has successfully distinguished itself in digital insurance distribution and financial products. It’s a significant player in the industry that spans Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, and Wealth Management.

IND Limited

IND Limited, is a unique debt purchase and debt collection business. They primarily focus on buying and collecting underperforming consumer debts, making them pioneers in the Debt Collections and Finance industry.

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iGO4 Limited

Another excellent startup in Peterborough is iGO4 Limited. Co-founded by Matt Munro, this company retails insurance products for automobiles and private homes online. They are making steps in the Finance, Automotive, E-Commerce, and Insurance industry.

BCS Consulting

Specializing in software, digital transformation, and business intelligence services, BCS Consulting navigates the competitive fields of Finance, Management Consulting, and Software with utmost professionalism.

PS Financials

Founded by Richard Pierce, PS Financials excels in providing accounting, purchasing, budgeting, and reporting software to over 2,900 organizations. Their services are needed in the Computer, Finance, and Software industry.


Monmia does remarkably well in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, and Venture Capital industry by offering a plethora of financial services to clients.

Retirement Line

The Retirement Line is a financial planner known for assisting retirees in making the right financial decisions. Their expertise lies in Finance, Financial Services, and Customer Service.


Special thanks to William Thomas, Cryptomate helps individuals buy and sell cryptocurrency in addition to providing online payment solutions. They operate in the Cryptocurrency, Finance, FinTech, and Information Technology industries.

Anglia Professional Training

Providing accounts, finance, and management skills training services, Anglia Professional Training functions in the Accounting, Education, Finance, Professional Services, and Training industry.


Also founded by Matt Munro, iGO4 ensures the distribution of insurance products to customers. They contribute to the Auto Insurance, Customer Service, Finance, and Insurance industries.

Fintech Orchard

Initiated by Steven Myers, Fintech Orchard is building a fintech ecosystem that delivers innovative finance products across the value chain in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, and Personal Finance industry.

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Klarity Vision

A standout in the Accounting, Advice, and Finance industry, Klarity Vision specializes in tax return preparation and offers tax solutions to a multitude of clients.

Marshall Jaguar and Land Rover Military & Blue Light Sales

The Marshall Jaguar and Land Rover Military & Blue Light Sales provide for the conversion, modification, and maintenance of military aircraft. They exhibit expertise in the Automotive, Finance, and Retail industries.

Aurea Financial Planning

Aurea Financial Planning is a leader in delivering investment and retirement services in the Employee Benefits, Financial Services, Personal Finance, and Retirement industry.

Zimb Johnson Bespoke Financial Planning

Last but not least, Zimb Johnson Bespoke Financial Planning takes pride in providing a comprehensive financial advisory service and significantly contributes to the B2B, Finance, and Financial Services industry.

We hope this comprehensive list of companies will provide an informed view of the burgeoning financial landscape in Peterborough. These companies are indeed shaping the future of the financial industry with their innovative ideas, services, and products.

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