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Who Leads Zurich’s Innovative Financial Services Startups Landscape in 2023?

Switzerland, often known as the financial hub of Europe, has quickly become a thriving ecosystem for start-ups and unique companies providing novel financial services solutions. With a significant concentration of these emerging enterprises in Zurich, the industry is seeing budding innovations transforming it from different facets. Here, we provide a detailed overview of 15 promising finance start-ups and companies in Zurich shaping the Swiss financial services sector with innovative solutions.

Zurich’s blend of a solid finance foundation, world-class infrastructure, progressive regulation, and promising home-grown tech talent makes it an ideal breeding ground for innovative fintech start-ups and companies embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. These businesses are disrupting the traditional finance market with enhanced technology applications, such as blockchain and crypto trading solutions, advanced self-service automates, customer loyalty enhancing programmes, digitised payroll accounting and more.

The following list of companies showcases some of the most intriguing financial service startups operating in Zurich. With dynamic business models, promising market strategies, and unique solutions, these companies are set to disrupt and reinvent the financial services sector in Zurich and beyond.


Honesto, the first crypto trading app backed by a Swiss bank, occupies the intersection between banking, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and more. The start-up, spearheaded by founder Sanela Luescher, is a one-stop-shop solution for tokenised assets.


Targeting retail, wholesale, and service industries, Uascons offers financial accounting professional services. This consultancy firm edges on its specialty industry specific financial solutions.

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Tresmer AG

Tresmer AG provides and distributes cash management devices, self-service automates, and ensures access control. It leads its niche in business development, financial services, and industrial engineering.


Operating at the intersection of e-commerce and financial services, Accarda AG offers unique solutions to businesses with its payment solutions and customer loyalty programs.

Trefinass Treuhand

A professional service company, Trefinass Treuhand engages in various finance and financial service related professional endeavours.

A+A Leasing

A+A Leasing is an innovative leasing company serving the finance and financial services industry. Its focus lies across leasing and trading platforms.

Econis AG

Founded by Hans Blindenbacher, Econis AG focuses on financial services infrastructure. With its foundations in Information Technology, they exhibit significant expertise in software development and implementation.

Lease it

Another leasing company making waves in Zurich is Lease it. They stand as a strong competitor within the finance and financial services industry.


Kwaxx stands out within the financial service startups in Zurich, offering digitised payroll accounting and settlement services to international companies and SMEs.

AWP Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH

AWP Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH is a finance company that provides auditing, tax services, legal advice, and consulting services, bringing an inclusive approach to financial services.

IG Leasing

Offering finance leasing for companies, IG Leasing stands strong in Zurich’s financial services sector.

Hyposcout AG

Acting as a mediator between investors and mortgage lenders, Hyposcout AG enhances connectivity in the financial services sector, focusing on real estate.


Arevos is emerging as a leading financial services provider in Zurich. They represent one of the budding companies revolutionising the sector.

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Providing accounting services to a host of businesses, BusinessTreuhand designs comprehensive financial solutions tailored to clients’ needs.


Finally, SYNTRON rounds up our list as a leading Swiss IT firm with a dominant position in the production and integration of finance sector applications.

In conclusion, the Swiss financial services sector continues to flourish, powered by a host of Zurich-based Startups and companies leveraging technology and innovation. With these entities increasingly disrupting traditional financial practices, the industry is set to undergo a major transformation, promising a more efficient, streamlined, and customer-centric future.

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