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Who Dominates Hessen’s Asset Management Space in 2023?

In the heart of Germany, the state of Hessen houses several asset management startups and companies that operate in a variety of sectors, including financial services, healthcare, real estate, and energy. These firms combine innovation and expertise to offer unprecedented solutions in the asset management world. This article explores a collection of these interesting entities, providing an insight into their operations and market strategy.

These companies are not just industry disruptors—they are forward-thinking organizations that are reshaping how the asset management is perceived and are expanding the possibilities of this field. Equipped with the latest technology, these firms provide financial services that emphasize the intersection between traditional finance mechanisms and cutting-edge informational technology.

Here are 15 intriguing asset management startups and companies from Hessen, Germany that have carved a niche for themselves in the finance world. Each one offers a unique approach to asset management, proving that innovation is the best route towards achieving financial stability and consistent growth.

MARS Asset Management

MARS Asset Management is an independent investment boutique specializing in asset management and financial services. The company strives to bridge the gap between information technology and traditional finance mechanisms, offering services tailored to modern-day financial demands.

Delton Health

In the strategic investment and management domain, Delton Health stands out. This investment firm focuses on managing health sector companies through consultation and financial services, bringing a healthcare perspective into the asset management industry.

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IComps, an asset management company, provides solutions for banks, family offices, foundations, and tax consultants. This firm proves that versatility and adaptability are essential qualities in the finance industry.


Operating in the intersection of asset management, energy management, and IT, Speedikon offers a unique blend of services ranging from maintenance management to data center management.

Dextro Group Germany

Dextro Group Germany uses a mathematically based valuation approach in asset management and risk. This method ensures precision and accuracy in the financial services they provide.

LSF Loan Solutions

Offering a range of banking services, LSF Loan Solutions has carved its place in the financial world. Their services range from asset management to other financial solutions.

Aurelis Real Estate

Aurelis Real Estate is an asset management company that specializes in real estate management and development, ensuring sound financial management for properties.

Facility Management Consult

Facility Management Consult brings a unique approach to asset management. The firm specialises in technical asset management, sustainability, elevator, and quality management.

FINVIA Family Office

Founded by a team of expert financial strategists – Christian Neuhaus, Hanna Cimen, and Marc Sonnleitner, FINVIA Family Office navigates assets holistically, intelligently, and independently, ensuring wealth management tailored to their clients’ needs.

FELS Group – FollowMyMoney

FELS Group – FollowMyMoney, led by Jens Labusch, operates a market-leading platform for social wealth management. The innovative platform lists over 20,000 investment products and recommendations.

Finance in Motion

Focusing on development finance, Finance in Motion, founded by Florian Meister, offers asset management services and consulting. The firm accumulates finance, energy, and venture capital under its umbrella.

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LPA Lucht Probst Associates

LPA Lucht Probst Associates, founded by Peter Schurau and Stefan Lucht, is a tech-based, brain-powered financial service provider, transforming capital markets since 1999.


360T is a leading global provider of web-based trading technology, indicating how asset management has embraced the digital world.


Drooms, a data room provider and a real estate investment firm, is leading in Europe. Founded by Alexandre Grellier, the company shows how combining different industries can lead to financial innovation.

DWS investment

DWS Investments is an asset management company that focuses on offering comprehensive financial services. This company represents the traditional approach to asset management, emphasizing how foundational principles can ensure success in this industry.

To conclude, these Hessen-based companies are at the forefront of asset management innovation. Their sophisticated use of latest technology, comprehensive financial services, and unique business models adds an interesting dimension to the finance industry in Hessen, Germany.

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