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Who Are West Sussex’s Most Influential Wealth Management Startups in 2023?

West Sussex is a vibrant hub for startups and businesses offering wealth management services. From innovative consultancies to established advisory firms, this region’s landscape is dominated by many prolific players providing diverse and expansive financial services. In this feature, we will explore some of these businesses, showcasing their unique expertise and contributions to the wealth management industry.

The sector’s breadth spans across traditional wealth management, pension advisory, insurance services, tax planning, financial forecasting to intriguingly, providing an online academy for potential wealth builders. These diverse companies are united by their commitment to deliver high-quality services, focusing on personalising strategies to achieve optimal financial growth and stability for their respective clientele.

In this regional tour of noteworthy wealth management startups, we will provide a glimpse into their unique value propositions, their array of services and preparatory leaps into the world of digitization, rendering a deep understanding of these distinguished establishments.


CORPIAS stands for Corporate Pensions and Investment Advisory Services. They are a specialist consultancy and interim management firm in the financial services and wealth management industry. With a focus on extensive corporate pensions, this startup provides unique, well-paced solutions to its customers.

CBC Pension Services

CBC Pension Services provides pension management services, laying emphasis on trusteeship, secretariat services, trustee governance, and auto-enrolment pension services. They are recognized for playing a significant role in the wealth management arena through their professional services in the financial sector.

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Wellesley Wealth Advisory

Wellesley Wealth Advisory delivers high-quality wealth management and advice services. From bespoke financial solutions to intricate investment plans, Wellesley is a key player in the wealth management sector, helping individuals and businesses safeguard and multiply their wealth.

ALB Accountancy

ALB Accountancy is centred on providing exemplary financial services catering to accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping. They position themselves as a comprehensive partner in the wealth management sector, offering expert wealth management advice in addition to their accountancy services.

Verso Wealth Management

Verso Wealth Management is a wealth management group providing financial advice and investment management services. Their client-centric approach has enabled them to carve a niche for their services in the competitive financial services industry.

Magus Private Wealth

Co-founded by Dante Peters and Mike Aitken, the Magus Private Wealth provides a wide selection of services, including wealth management, succession planning, financial forecasting, tax planning, and investment consulting services. Their depth of knowledge has set them apart from other competitors in the market.

WealthBuilders Together

WealthBuilders Together is an online academy providing property professionals, SSAS pensions, and training program services. Their innovative teaching approach brings a new perspective to wealth management, inspiring aspiring wealth builders.

Mike Oliver Associates

Mike Oliver Associates provide exceptional financial advisory services to private and commercial organizations, becoming an integral part of their financial growth journey while maintaining sound wealth management practices.

Private Office Asset Management

Focusing on wealth and portfolio management, stockbroking, and retirement planning services, Private Office Asset Management co-founded by Phil Simmonds, is a beacon of the wealth management industry.

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Victoria Private Investment Office

Victoria Private Investment Office specializes in wealth management, risk planning, portfolios strategies, and financial advisory services. Along with co-founder Phillip Russell, they have successfully bridged the gap between personal finances and wealth management strategies.

RiverPeak Wealth

RiverPeak Wealth offers a unique blend of private banking style investment and financial advice in the wealth management industry. Their personalised services are tailored to meet specific financial needs of their clients.

Benchmark Capital

Benchmark Capital is a prominent financial services firm providing innovative investment solutions. Their groundbreaking approach to business development sets them apart as a noteworthy wealth management startup.

Fusion Wealth

Fusion Wealth provides comprehensive wealth and risk management, consultation, and investment services. They are known for their high standards, ensuring their clients receive the most effective and efficient services on the market.

Best Practice

Best Practice offers an amalgamation of financial planning, professional advisory, training, proprietary technology, and wealth management services. They adapt to the continuous evolution of the market, offering cutting-edge solutions to their clientele.

Oakland Insurance Services

Oakland Insurance Services offers an array of insurance services. From car, house, and business insurance, Oakland provides a security net that complements wealth growth and management.

The wealth management landscape in West Sussex is indeed visually compelling, with these startups and companies revolutionizing the way holistic financial services are provided. The importance of a comprehensive approach to wealth management cannot be understated, and these companies continue to inspire with their commitment towards delivering exceptional services.

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