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Who Are West Sussex’s Most Influential Insurance Startups in 2023?

In the thriving county of West Sussex, a bounty of innovative insurance start-ups and established companies are making waves within the finance sector. From property management insurance to tailored-packages for specific industries, the diverse range of services provided by these businesses caters to a broad array of needs. This article shines a spotlight on the notable insurance-based enterprises flourishing within this region.

Despite the challenging year that the insurance industry, like many others, has faced due to the global pandemic, these companies have stood strong, demonstrating resilience and resourcefulness. Through a combination of technology, highly-skilled teams, and innovative approaches, these companies have continued to provide top-level insurance services. Here, we delve into these insurance companies, exploring what each unique enterprise brings to the dynamic financial landscape of West Sussex.

From small independent brokers to larger, nationally recognized names, the diverse range of providers in West Sussex showcases the region as home to a thriving sector. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each one.

KTS Estate Management

KTS Estate Management, co-founded by Kathy Wilson, uniquely blends real estate and insurance. Specializing in property management, construction, insurance, and supervising contractors, this company offers a comprehensive service that sets it apart from its competitors.

Homeland International

Homeland International provides funeral and repatriation services worldwide. Equipped with comprehensive insurance solutions, they cater to a broad audience including adventure and business travelers as well as government agencies and shipping companies.

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Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers

Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers is a dependable firm offering both commercial and personal insurance services. Their work in the insurance landscape extends to include financial services and lending.


As a procurement consultancy, Meercat brings a fresh take to the insurance sector. Their innovative approach encompasses consulting, insurance, and training services.

Strategic Insurance Services

Strategic Insurance Services provides a broad range of insurance services, from commercial to personal and even travel insurance. Specializing in various kinds of insurance including auto, health, and life.

Simply Cover

Simply Cover is a customer-focused insurance agency that offers services to both individual and corporate clients. They are known for their expertise in health and life insurance plans.

Police Insure

Unique in its offering, Police Insure provides insurance services specifically targeted at police officers and staff. Their range of products includes auto and commercial insurance.

Davies Carrington

Davies Carrington is a leading financial and pension planning firm that provides comprehensive income protection, life assurance, and investment solutions.

Prestige Insurance Management

Prestige Insurance Management operates as an insurance broker, specially providing commercial package insurance to shops, hotels and guesthouses.

CEGA Group

CEGA Group is a specialist provider of technical medical assistance and travel claims management services. As a blend of health care and insurance, they bring a unique offering to the table.

Trinity Insurance Services

Providing insurance and brokerage services for military personnel and their families, Trinity Insurance Services fills a particular niche within the insurance industry.

Direct Life and Pension Services

As the name suggests, Direct Life and Pension Services is a provider of comprehensive insurance services that is an essential contributor to the West Sussex insurance landscape.

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Specialists 4 Protection

Specialists 4 Protection specialises in health and life insurances, offering top-tier expertise and tailored advice to clients.

ROCK Insurance Group

Co-founded by Antony Martin, ROCK Insurance Group is known for providing the travel sector with smarter, more agile insurance affinity solutions.

London & Colonial

London & Colonial is a privately owned financial services group that strikes a balance between traditional and innovative approaches to insurance and corresponding financial services.

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