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Who Are United Kingdom’s Trailblazing Crowdfunding Start-Ups in 2023?

For entrepreneurs: The toughest hurdle to get over is to secure funding for their startups. The traditional path of pitching their idea to angel investors or venture capitalists doesn’t work for everyone. However, crowdfunding offers every entrepreneur a fighting chance to realize their dream. Here, we showcase and explain some of the most interesting crowdfunding companies in the United Kingdom that create and sustain this lifeline for young organizations.

More than just providing a platform for fundraising, these companies serve as a bridge between people with great ideas who need financing and those with funds looking for new ideas. They further democratise and streamline the process of investing, ensuring more and more people get the opportunity to bring their innovations and concepts to life.

Enabling a multitude of industries and businesses, these companies play a critical role in boosting the startup ecosystem. We present a broad spectrum of 15 such companies, revealing the diversity and vitality in this niche industry.


SoMo is a unique service provider, connecting brokers with borrowers for loans against commercial and residential property. They offer a dynamic mix of financial services, combining principles of credit-based crowdfunding with traditional lending and borrowing.

Spectrum Investment Management Limited

Spectrum Investment Management Limited brings asset management and fund contributions to individuals across the UK. Fostering the crowdfunding space, they offer a direct and secure way of putting funds at work.

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Platform Black

Platform Black, founded by Louise Beaumont, infuses the invoice finance market with crowdfunding principles, facilitating financial backup for businesses in need.


Altus, the brainchild of David Jackson and Kevin Okell, specializes in consultancy services for the financial industry. They leverage crowdfunding principles to offer solutions in information technology and related sectors. Visit their site, here.


Co-founded by Alex Heath and Modwenna Rees-Mogg, CrowdRating are the pioneers of equity crowd funding rating.

IrelandFx.com – Foreign Exchange Specialist

IrelandFx.com provides competitive currency exchange rates to SMEs and private clients, serving as an essential aid in international transactions for crowdfunded projects.


Spearheaded by Joanna Truffaut, Mawwell is a global crowdfunding platform supporting creative and innovative projects inside and outside the UK.

TFT Partners

Operating as a crowdfunding VC startup in Jerusalem, Israel, TFT Partners cater to a wide spectrum of initiatives and business ideas from UK-based entrepreneurs.


DROP not only provides a crowdfunding platform but also extends support to entrepreneurs on fundraising strategies, marketing, community building, and outreach.

Crowdfunding Centre

Crowdfunding Centre, under the leadership of Barry E James, offers data-driven maps, tools, insights, charts, and news for project owners to effectively promote their crowdfunding initiatives.

Egress Ltd

Egress Ltd is the next generation IT Services company, with a clear objective to unlock your investment in IT, contributing to a funding-friendly environment.


Born on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Hribarcain, founded by Ashley Hribar-Green, is a disruptive technology company that uses crowdfunding for manufacturing and commercializing their products.

Call of the Brave

Dave Martin’s Call of the Brave creates space for independent fashion designers to showcase their work, backed by crowdfunding, and making the fashion industry more accessible.

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Baraka Zahabian, Derek Ahmedzai, and Oliver Mochizuki launched Fundsurfer as a UK-based crowdfunding and investment platform with a mission to keep funding accessible for all.


Hyperstarter, the brainchild of Giles Dawe, is an innovator in the crowdfunding industry, providing analytics tools and valuable advice for running successful crowdfunding campaigns.

These startups and companies are reshaping the landscape of crowdfunding in the UK. By empowering entrepreneurs and connecting investors with the finest of projects, they contribute to an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, and the audacity to dream big.

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