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Who Are UK’s Leading Transaction Processing Startups Reshaping Finance in 2023?

The UK startup scene hosts a diverse range of groundbreaking companies that are shaping the transaction processing technology field. These companies utilise cutting-edge technologies to solve complex financial problems. This article will highlight fifteen of these companies that are revolutionising the industry with their innovative solutions.

Transaction processing is an important aspect of every business model. Whether in the form of payments, loans, or other financial transactions, the speed, security, and smoothness of these processes directly impact business productivity and customer satisfaction. These UK companies understand the significance of this and have developed products and services to facilitate these transactions.

The chosen fifteen startups and companies span different sectors, including financial services, technology, and property management, to name a few. However, all of them provide transaction processing solutions which make them notable in their respective industries.


Ninvoice is a pioneering company that specialises in transactional software and system solutions. Founded by Paul Deen, this IT, software, and transaction processing company is designed to streamline business operations and increase efficiency.

Bowmore Capital Partners

Next on the list is Bowmore Capital Partners. They are a financial company known for their proficiency in collateral transfer facilitation. Their stronghold in the financial services and transaction processing industry has set them apart from their competitors.

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Cash Processing Solutions

Cash Processing Solutions is a global provider of an integrated range of hardware and software solutions, consultancy, and support services. They are well-regarded in the financial services, hardware, software, and transaction processing industry for their innovative solutions.


Founded by Kevin Hart, CatalystPay offers payment processing and banking solutions. Their industry coverage is vast, including banking, credit cards, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, payments, risk management, and transaction processing.

Westgate Moore Associates

Westgate Moore Associates delivers payment audits for both the public and private sectors. They have made a name for themselves in the finance, financial services, payments, and transaction processing industry.


Barbourne Brook specialises in cutting customs duty expenses and provides stability through the implementation of best-practice customs practices. They have carved a niche for themselves in the consumer goods, service industry, and transaction processing industry.

Nixon Lettings

Nixon Lettings provides real estate letting services. This real estate, advice, property management, and transaction processing company has subsequently proved its worth in the real estate market.

Move on Estate Agents

Known for its smooth and stress-free property sale processes, Move on Estate Agents has become a significant player in the transaction processing industry.

Novus Pay

Novus Pay offers online payments, transaction processing, mobile payments, POS, and cash advance services. Their role in financial services, mobile payments, payments, and transaction processing industries have defined new benchmarks.

CabCard Services

CabCard Services is a digital platform that provides card payment processing solutions for taxi fleet technology, trailblazing in the financial services, fleet management, payments, and transaction processing sectors.

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PaySpeedo provides mail-in, mobile order, and e-commerce services, solidifying its position in the credit cards, e-commerce, financial services, and transaction processing industry.

We Reclaim

Specialising in claims management as per the regulations and laws within the financial services industry, We Reclaim has made impressive strides in the compliance, financial services, and transaction processing industry.


RemFlow is a mobile and web application designed to carry out day to day financial transactions seamlessly. Their work in the mobile apps, mobile payments, and transaction processing sectors has been noteworthy.

Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions provides diversified financial services such as money transfer and risk management. Founded by Harry Enver and Robert Lee Griffith, their role in finance, financial services, risk management, and transaction processing has been monumental.

LNG Capital

Lastly, LNG Capital is a London-based European Credit focused asset management company. Their expertise in asset management, credit, financial services, and transaction processing sectors is well-recognised in the industry.

In conclusion, these fifteen transaction-processing companies are clear indicators of the innovative drive and growth potential the UK startup scene boasts. Each of these companies represents a new standard in reducing transactional friction and enhancing financial productivity and efficiency.

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