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Who Are UK’s Game-Changing Financial Exchange Startups in 2023?

Financial exchanges play a key role in the modern global economy, helping in the transfer of trillions of pounds, dollars, euros and other currencies every day. The UK is home to many thriving startups in this sector, harnessing latest technologies and innovative business models to offer a range of services. They engage in various industries such as Accounting, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, and Risk Management among others. In this article, we will be showcasing some of these interesting Finance Exchange startups and companies that call the United Kingdom home.


Lumon was founded by Peter Simon Ellis to create a money exchange platform which makes overseas payments quick, effortless, and simple. They serve industries such as Accounting, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, and Risk Management.


Founded by Jason Fitzpatrick, Jeff Hancock and Paul Tiley, coinpass is a UK based cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. Their services fall under industries such as Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech and Trading Platforms.

Cash Minute

Offering global online money transfer services through websites and applications, Cash Minute serves at the heart of Financial Exchanges, Financial Services and Professional Services.


Operating in the Consulting, Cryptocurrency and Financial Exchanges sectors, Ironx is a financial exchange that offers fiat to crypto currency conversion, trade tracking, and margin trading services.

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Sami Swoi

Sami Swoi is a Polish money transfer network based in the UK, serving in Financial Exchanges and Financial Services industries.

Crystal Business Equipment

Helping start-ups and small & medium enterprises, Crystal Business Equipment specializes in offering market assistance as a business consultant. They operate in the Finance and Financial Exchanges industries.

Marlborough Fund Managers

Marlborough Fund Managers provide services such as investment management, equities, collective investment schemes, fixed interest and fund accounting. They cater to Advice, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services and Funding Platform services.

Enterprise Finance

Founded by Danny Waters, Enterprise Finance are experts in second charge, bridging, commercial and complex buy-to-let mortgages and loans. They are part of the Finance, Financial Exchanges and Financial Services sectors.

Enra Group

A leader in the specialist loans market, Enra Group has made its mark in the Consulting, Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Lending, and Personal Finance sectors.

AJP Currency Solutions

Providing services such as currencies, payment solutions, collection accounts, foreign exchange 101, security, and consultation, AJP Currency Solutions operates in the Consulting, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services and Payments sectors.

First Rate Exchange Services

First Rate Exchange Services specializes in foreign currency exchange services and travel money cards for a range of industries, particularly in the Financial Exchanges, Financial Services and Travel sectors.

First Rate

Another player in the Banking, Finance, Financial Exchanges and Financial Services sectors, First Rate supplies foreign currency to businesses in financial services, travel & tourism, and retail sectors.

Mark Carr & Co

Specializing in accountancy, tax planning and business advisory needs, Mark Carr & Co stands out in the Accounting, Business Development, Financial Exchanges and Financial Services industries.

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Founded by Harry Evelegh, Methodise.net delivers crypto liquidity in Africa, carving a niche for itself in the Financial Exchanges and FinTech sectors.

Abcor Finance

Abcor Finance offers to fund customer orders and international and domestic suppliers. Operating in Finance, Financial Exchanges and Financial Services sectors, they serve businesses with financial needs.

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