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Who are the UK’s Top Trendsetting Financial Services Startups in 2023?

Start-ups in the financial services industry in the United Kingdom are making a significant impact not only in the local market but also at the global level. These companies are diversifying from standard finance and investment solutions, venturing into the newer genres such as cryptocurrency and fintech, thereby disrupting the traditional business models. As we take a tour through the profiles of some of these innovative companies, we would get to understand their unique approaches and how they’re reshaping the financial landscape.

From banking to asset management, compliance to payments, these firms are renowned in their respective niches. Their origin stories, the founders, and the industries they cater to, everything seems to signal an evolving era of entrepreneurship in the financial sector. Many of them also offer ancillary services such as human resources and auditing, thereby rounding out their portfolios.

Below, we have tried to catalogue all the necessary information for an easy understanding of what these finance services start-ups from the UK bring to the table. Let’s delve in to know more about these exciting businesses.

Piper Sandler

Piper Sandler operates as an investment bank and institutional securities firm. They work across numerous sectors including Banking, CleanTech, Financial Services, and Marketing while offering cutting-edge, industry-leading services.

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Aberdeen Standard Investments

With an offering of advanced investment products and solutions, Aberdeen Standard Investments has established itself in the asset management and professional services sector. It was conjured into existence by Martin Gilbert and provides services internationally.


activpayroll, conceptualized and founded by Allison Sellar, is a professional global and domestic payroll solutions provider. Besides financial services, they also work in compliance, finance, human resources, and payments industry.


Altsignals provides access to cryptocurrency signals, trading indicators, newsletters, and tools on its trading platform. The brainchild of Roderik Phimster, Altsignals works fundamentally within the realm of cryptocurrency and trading platforms.

Johnston Carmichael

A Chartered Accountants firm in Scotland, Johnston Carmichael is the largest of its kind within the country. It offers a wide range of accounting and financial services.

Anderson Anderson & Brown

Anderson Anderson & Brown provides a myriad of services that span across tax planning, corporate finance, auditing, employment, and wealth management, primarily in accounting and professional services sector.

Punter Southall Group

Stuart Southall’s Punter Southall Group pans its operations across consulting, financial services and information technology sectors, offering complete financial solutions to its clientele.

Oval Group

The Oval Group offers insurance broking, financial planning, risk management, and other financial services, extending comprehensive insurance solutions to its customer base.

Atholl Scott Accountants & Tax Advisers

Atholl Scott Accountants & Tax Advisers offers accountancy and tax services. They maintain a strong reputation in the accounting, financial services, and professional services sector.

Futura Investments

Futura Investments caters to both personal and corporate clients with advanced financial planning. Their operations spread across employee benefits, finance, financial services, personal finance, and the service industry.

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A leading player in the field of cryptocurrency exchange, Coinshape has carved its niche in the financial and fintech industry.


Abrdn offers specialty services like estate planning, investment strategies, agency, and managed portfolio services. They are major contributors in the consulting, financial services, and insurance sectors.

James Milne Chartered Accountants

James Milne Chartered Accountants offers an array of services including accounting, auditing, personal taxation, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial planning.

SBP Accountants and Business Advisers

SBP Accountants and Business Advisers specialize in providing highly effective financial and accounting services to their clients.

Hall Morrice

Hall Morrice is an independent firm that offers chartered accounting and business advising services. They are also known to offer consulting and advice in the financial services sector.

The innovative approaches and unique services of these startups are reshaping the financial scenario of the United Kingdom and beyond. These companies, with their strong foothold in their respective industries, are likely to create impactful disruptions in the near future.

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