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Who Are the Most Influential Insurance Startups in Bradford 2023?

Bradford, the famed “curry capital” of the United Kingdom, is a thriving, diverse city known for its historical landmarks, its vibrant arts scene, and its bustling economy. But while it is known for many things, one aspect of Bradford that should not be overlooked is its thriving insurance industry. Here, we find a constellation of innovative companies that are shaping the future of insurance in ways that are both exciting and deeply influential. In this article, we showcase 15 of these extraordinary brands. We invite you to join us on a journey through the corridors of Bradford’s insurance industry as we introduce you to these vibrant companies.

As we explore the unique qualities of these companies, we will appreciate not just their impressive financial acumen, but also their commitment to the people and businesses they serve. They span diverse specialties and areas of focus – from motorbike repairs and car care to wealth management and risk solutions. But despite their myriad differences, one thing these companies all have in common is a deep understanding of how to provide superior insurance products and services that consistently meet the needs of their customers.

Each of these companies exemplifies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that Bradford’s insurance industry is known for. From startups breaking new ground with cutting-edge products and services to established firms that have stood the test of time, these companies are all worth watching. So without further ado, let’s dive into our tour of Bradford’s most notable insurance companies.

BWM Motorbike

BMW Motorbike isn’t just a motorcycle repair shop. As part of the wider BMW Group, this company spans the Automotive, Insurance, Sales, and Service Industry sectors. While its founders aren’t publicly listed, BMW Motorbike has firmly established itself within Bradford’s rich insurance landscape.

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L Wood & Co Insurance Brokers

Founded by Leslie Wood, L Wood & Co Insurance Brokers stands at the intersection of financial services, insurance, and the service industry. This firm has been a trusted name in business insurance and risk management for UK businesses for many years, making it a standout player in the local Bradford scene.

NBS Underwriting

Next on our tour is NBS Underwriting. Specialising in commercial insurance, finance, and insurance, this company is known for providing market-leading insurance products. The founders remain unknown, but that doesn’t detract from the company’s obvious success.

Car Care Plan

There’s no shortage of automotive finance and insurance services in Bradford, but few can rival Car Care Plan for sheer impact. Known as one of the world’s leading providers of vehicle warranty, asset protection, and cosmetic warranty, this company is a force to be reckoned with.

Integra Insurance Solutions

A key player in the fields of commercial insurance, financial services, and insurance, Integra Insurance Solutions specialises in home insurance and personal insurance services.

TL Dallas

TL Dallas is an insurance broking firm with a focus on providing risk management solutions and insurance services to its commercial and private clients. Its capabilities and expertise span across financial services, insurance, risk management, and wealth management.

Axia Partners

Axia Partners acquires technology-enabled companies and works diligently to grow these organisations within their respective markets. Its industry footprint encompasses Accounting, Finance, Insurance, and InsurTech.


Specialising in church insurance, Congregational is a financial services firm that has mastered its niche in the finance, financial services, and insurance industry.

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National Breakdown

National Breakdown focuses on breakdown insurance and membership packages for domestic and commercial vehicles. This company is a significant player in the auto insurance, commercial insurance, and insurance sectors.


In the realm of health insurance, few companies can compare to IHCS. Specialists in medical insurance, dental insurance, group travel insurance, and healthcare insurance, they have made their mark on the financial services, health insurance, and insurance sectors.

Square Financial

Square Financial is more than your average financial planning firm. Offering mortgage, life assurance, and general insurance advisory services, it stands as a shining example within Bradford’s sectors of finance, financial services, insurance, and personal finance.


Working with the ACOS Alliance, Insuranceforjournalists offers coverage for death, disablement, sickness, and accidents, serving a unique niche within the insurance industry.

Hudson Foster

Hudson Foster provides key services such as claims administration, captive program planning, risk management, commercial, and private client insurance services, standing out in Bradford’s commercial insurance, insurance, and risk management sectors.

Investor Compensation

A major player in Bradford’s consulting, financial services, insurance, and professional services sectors, Investor Compensation offers PPI claim backs, payday loans, and banking refund services.


Finally, KEY CARE offers key recovery and assistance, white labelled solutions, and account management services, providing invaluable services within the insurance industry.

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